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Contemporary Issues in Lung Cancer, Second Edition

Author(s): Marilyn Haas, PhD, APN-C
  • ISBN-13: 9780763760519
  • Hardcover    364 pages      © 2010
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Awarded 5 Stars from Doody’s Review Service!

In the United States, lung cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer and the leading cause of cancer death. Even more devastating is its five-year survival rate of only 15.8%. Despite these dismal facts, lung cancer receives little national attention and research and funding for lung cancer lags behind other cancers.  

The intent of Contemporary Issues in Lung Cancer: A Nursing Perspective, Second Edition is to provide oncology nurses and healthcare professionals with in-depth information on the issues that surround this disease, so that they might impact both education and research and provide better care for their patients.

New to this edition:

  • Chapter 10: Dyspnea management: A biopsychosocial approach and 
  • Chapter 14: Navigators helping during the cancer journey
  Chapter  Dedication
  Chapter  Preface
  Chapter  Contributors
Part  I  Overview of small cell lung cancer and non-small cell lung cancer
  Chapter  1  Separating out the differences between lung cancers
  Chapter  2  Biology of lung cancer
  Chapter  3  Controversies in detection and screening
Part  II  Oncology treatment modalities
  Chapter  4  Managing patients through thoracic surgery
  Chapter  5  Chemotherapy and lung cancer
  Chapter  6  New advances in radiotherapy for lung cancer
Part  III  Special issues facing individuals with lung cancer
  Chapter  7  Surviving fatigue
  Chapter  8  End-of-life care
  Chapter  9  Nutritional issues facing lung cancer individuals
  Chapter  10  Dyspnea management: A biopsychosocial approach
  Chapter  11  Environmental risk: Indoor radon exposure
Part  IV  Psychosocial issues of individuals with lung cancer
  Chapter  12  Living with hope: Lung cancer
  Chapter  13  Meaning of illness in cancer
Part  V  Assistance and resources for individuals facing lung cancer
  Chapter  14  Navigators helping during the cancer journey
  Chapter  15  Support programs for individuals with lung cancer
  Chapter  16  Understanding and treating tobacco dependence in adults with lung cancer
Part  VI  Media and future research directions
  Chapter  17  Battling biases: Nursing, lung cancer, and the media
  Chapter  18  Challenges of conducting research in women with lung cancer
  Chapter  19  Evidence-based practice and the healthcare professional
  Chapter  20  When lung cancer consumers seek evidence

Marilyn Haas, PhD, APN-C

Dr. Marilyn Hass received her Master’s Degree in Health Occupations Educators Program, majoring in Critical Care Nursing from the University of Florida.  She also holds a PhD in Cardiovascular Nursing from the University of South Carolina.  She has held a variety of positions throughout her career, including working as a Registered Nurse, Clinical Coordinator, Director/Instructor of Practical Nurse Education Program at Blue Ridge Technical College, Geriatric Nurse Educator, and most recently as Nurse Practitioner/Outcomes Analyst at Mountain Radiation Oncology in North Carolina. Dr. Haas has received numerous community, professional and academic awards, and has been publishing articles on a variety of nursing topics since 1984.
Additional Titles by this Author
  • "This is a high-quality book that offers evidence-based information and includes a comprehensive reference list in each chapter. It is written by a nurse for nurses, which is important as nurses deal with unique issues in healthcare. The field of cancer management is constantly growing with new treatments and research, and this updated edition includes the latest treatment options."
    - Margaret R Hurst, BSN, University of New Mexico Hospital, Doody's Review Service, Rating: 5 Stars

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