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Computer Security: Protecting Digital Resources

Author(s): Robert C Newman, Professor, Georgia Southern University, President, NellNetInc
  • ISBN-13: 9780763759940
  • Paperback    453 pages      © 2010
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Today, society is faced with numerous internet schemes, fraudulent scams, and means of identity theft that threaten our safety and our peace of mind.  Computer Security: Protecting Digital Resources provides a broad approach to computer-related crime, electronic commerce, corporate networking, and Internet security, topics that have become increasingly important as more and more threats are made on our internet environment.  This book is oriented toward the average computer user, business professional, government worker, and those within the education community, with the expectation that readers can learn to use the network with some degree of safety and security.  The author places emphasis on the numerous vulnerabilities and threats that are inherent in the Internet environment. Efforts are made to present techniques and suggestions to avoid identity theft and fraud.  

Readers will gain a clear insight into the many security issues facing the e-commerce, networking, web, and internet environments, as well as what can be done to keep personal and business information secure.

Features & Benefits

Addresses the multitude of security issues that impact personal and organizational digital resources.

Information is presented concerning wireless electronic commerce, namely E-Commerce, which includes Business-to-Business, Business-to Consumer, and Consumer-to-Consumer.

Includes several chapters devoted to the topics of computer contingency planning, disaster recovery, intrusion detection, and intrusion prevention.

Applicable Courses

This book is ideal for courses in the following areas as well as a general interest title for those interested in computer security:

·        Management

·        Management Information Systems (MIS)

·        Business Information Systems (BIS)

·        Computer Information Systems (CIS)

·        Networking

·        Telecommunication Systems

·        Data Communications

·        Criminal Justice

·        Network Administration


  Part 1  Basics and General Understanding
    Chapter 1  Cyber Environment and Security Issues
    Chapter 2  Attacks, Threats, and Vulnerabilities
    Chapter 3  Scams, Identity Theft, and Fraud
    Chapter 4  Computer and Digital Assets Security
  Part 2  Computer Systems and Networks
    Chapter 5  The Internet and Web Network Environment
    Chapter 6  Wired and Wireless Local Area Networks
    Chapter 7  Computer, Server, and Database Security Issues
    Chapter 8  E-Commerce Security Mechanisms
  Part 3  Security and Operations Administration
    Chapter 9  Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning
    Chapter 10  Intrusion Detection and Prevention
    Chapter 11  Problem Solving and Security Administration
  Part 4  Security Resources, Education, and Standards
    Chapter 12  Security Solutions for Digital Resources
    Chapter 13  Standards, Specifications, and Protocols
    Chapter 14  Training, Certifications, and Careers

Robert C Newman-Professor, Georgia Southern University, President, NellNetInc

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ISBN-13: 9780763759940

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