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Understanding the Constitution

Author(s): Constantinos E. Scaros
  • ISBN-13: 9780763758110
  • Hardcover    484 pages      © 2011
Price: $176.95 US List
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Although the constitution was created in 1787, its historical importance and value continue to significantly impact lives every day. Understanding the Constitution brings readers to an understanding and appreciation of the United States constitution, its significance in the daily lives of individuals, and the hotly-debated topics that are relevant today. Assuming no previous knowledge about law, this is an ideal reader-friendly introduction to constitutional law.

Features & Benefits

  • Engages readers with discussions on controversial issues such as abortion, flag burning, presidential elections, civil liberties and more
  • Explains the components of the constitution and how they were constructed to provide a historical context and understanding
  • Provides pedagogical learning tools including “Questions for Review” and “Constitutionally Speaking” court cases to reinforce topics covered.
  • Full of extensive and complete constitutional cases.

Applicable Courses

Ideal for undergraduate Constitutional Law courses.

Chapter  1  Do We Really Live in a Democracy, and Do We Really Have the Right to Vote?
Chapter  2  The Articles of Confederation – The First U.S. Government
Chapter  3  Our Two-Tier, Three Branch System of Government
Chapter  4  Freedom of Religion, Freedom from Religion
Chapter  5  Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression
Chapter  6  Abortion
Chapter  7  Unjustifiable Discrimination and Affirmative Action
Chapter  8  Civil Liberties and Security
Chapter  9  Crime, Punishment, and the Death Penalty
Chapter  10  Double Jeopardy
Chapter  11  Property Rights and Eminent Domain
Chapter  12  The Right to Bear Arms

Constantinos E. Scaros

Constantinos E. Scaros is an academic dean and a professor of history, journalism, law, and political science.  He is also an attorney, a political scientist, and a published author. He has an introductory law textbook, books about immigration law and torts, and a general textbook about how to succeed in college.  He lives with his wife in Central Pennsylvania.

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ISBN-13: 9780763758110

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