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Social Marketing for Public Health: Global Trends and Success Stories

Author(s): Hong Cheng, PhD, Associate Professor of Advertising, E. W. Scripps School of Journalism Ohio University
Philip Kotler, PhD, Distinguished Professor of International Marketing, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University
Nancy Lee, MBA, President, Social Marketing Services, Inc, Mercer Island, Washington
  • ISBN-13: 9780763757977
  • ISBN-10:0763757977
  • Paperback    422 pages      © 2011
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Social Marketing for Public Health: Global Trends and Success Stories explores how traditional marketing principles and techniques are being used to increase the effectiveness of public health programs—around the world. While addressing the global issues and trends in social marketing, the book highlights successful health behavior change campaigns launched by governments, by a combination of governments, NGOs, and businesses, or by citizens themselves in 15 countries of five continents.

Each chapter examines a unique, current success story, ranging from anti-smoking campaigns to HIV-AIDS prevention; from promotions for health lifestyle to battles against obesity; and from public educational campaigns on hepatitis B to contraceptive social marketing. Contributing authors include leading social marketing scholars, seasoned social marketing practitioners, and longtime public health professionals.

Ideal for upper-level undergraduate and graduate courses in social marketing, public health, health communication, international marketing, international advertising, consumer behavior, and social change, it is also an inspirational resource for current public health practitioners. Discussion questions and PowerPoint slides are designed for each chapter to engage the reader in learning.

Chapter  1  Social Marketing for Public Health: An Introduction
Hong Cheng, PhD, Philip Kotler, PhD, Nancy Lee, MBA
  Social Marketing: A Brief Overview
  Social Marketing and Public Health
  Using Social Marketing for Public Health: Global Trends
  Social Marketing for Public Health: Chapter Highlights
  Developing a Social Marketing Campaign: Step by Step
  Questions for Discussion
Chapter  2  Reducing Tobacco Use in the United States: A Public Health Success Story . . . So Far
Nancy Lee, MBA
  United States: A Country Overview
  Case Study 1: The truth® Campaign
  Case Study 2: Washington State’s Tobacco Quit Line
  Concluding Note: We Have the Know-How, But Will We Do It?
  Questions for Discussion
Chapter  3  Saskatchewan in Motion: A Community-Based, Provincewide Social Marketing Initiative in Canada to Promote Physical Activity
François Lagarde, Cathie Kryzanowski, James Mintz
  Canada: A Country Overview
  Social Marketing as a Strategy to Address Public Health Issues
  Case Study: Saskatchewan in Motion
  Questions for Discussion
Chapter  4  Love, Sex, and HIV/AIDS: Using Social Marketing to Redefine Gender Norms Among Mexican Youth
Ruth Massingill
  Mexico: A Country Overview
  HIV/AIDS Enters the Picture
  Making a Case for Social Marketing
  Case Study: Gender Norms Redefined in an Anti-HIV/AIDS Campaign 87 Summary
  Questions for Discussion
Chapter  5  Tuberculosis: Keys to Success in Peru
Nancy Lee, MBA
  The World’s Tuberculosis Problem
  Peru: A Country Overview
  Case Study: Tuberculosis Prevention and Treatment in Peru
  Summary and Implications
  Questions for Discussion
Chapter  6  Increasing School Meal Uptake in a Deprived Region in England: Overcoming the Barriers
Rowena Merritt, Aiden Truss, Lucy Reynolds, Emma Heesom
  United Kingdom: A Country Overview
  Social Marketing in England
  Case Study: School Meals in England
  Questions for Discussion
Chapter  7  Choose Health in Food Vending Machines: Obesity Prevention and Healthy Lifestyle Promotion in Italy
Giuseppe Fattori, Paola Artoni, Marcello Tedeschi
  Italy: A Country Overview
  Case Study: Choose Health
  Questions for Discussion
Chapter  8  Establishing a Healthy Drinking Culture: Systembolaget—Alcohol Monopoly and Public Health in Sweden
Karin Ekström, Lena Hansson
  Sweden: A Country Overview
  Case Study: The Swedish Alcohol Retail Monopoly—Systembolaget
  Conclusion and Implications
  Questions for Discussion
Chapter  9  Creating a Commercial Market for Insecticide-Treated Mosquito Nets in Nigeria
Willard Shaw
  Nigeria: A Country Overview
  Case Study: Insecticide-Treated Mosquito Nets
  Questions for Discussion
Chapter  10  “Safe Water Saves Lives”: Clean Drinking Water Reduces Diarrhea-Related Mortality in Madagascar
Steve Honeyman
  Madagascar: A Country Overview
  Unsafe Water-Related Global Diarrheal Disease Burden
  Global Trends in Household Water Treatment
  The CDC–PSI Partnership
  Case Study: “Safe Water Saves Lives” Campaign
  Summary and Lessons Learned
  Questions for Discussion
Chapter  11  Socialism Meets Social Marketing: Jump-Starting the Commercial Contraceptive Market in the Former Soviet Republic of Kazakhstan
Donald Ruschman, Randi Thompson, Tatiana Stafford
  Kazakhstan: A Country Overview
  The Reproductive Health Crisis in Kazakhstan
  Case Study: The “Red Apple”
  Questions for Discussion
Chapter  12  “Love Your Liver, Improve Your Health”: A Hepatitis B Prevention and Educational Campaign in China
Hong Cheng, PhD, Jun Qiao, Huixin Zhang
  China: A Country Overview
  Case Study: The “Love Your Liver, Improve Your Health” Campaign
  Questions for Discussion
Chapter  13  Integrated Corporate Social Initiatives in Japan: From Product Development to Healthcare Information
Morikazu Hirose
  Japan: A Country Overview
  Case Study: Terumo
  Lessons Learned
  Questions for Discussion
Chapter  14  Successful Contraceptive Social Marketing Attempts in India
Sameer Deshpande, Jaidev Balakrishnan, Anurudra Bhanot, Sanjeev Dham
  India: A Country Overview
  Case Study 1: Population Services International’s Emergency Contraception Campaign
  Lessons Learned from the PSI Campaign
  Case Study 2: BBC World Service Trust HIV/AIDS Campaigns
  Lessons Learned from the BBC WST Case
  Summarizing the Two Cases
  Questions for Discussion
Chapter  15  Social Marketing Practices: Government and Private Partnerships in Controlling Diseases and Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle in Singapore
Kavita Karan
  Singapore: A Country Overview
  Case Study 1: The Anti-Dengue Campaign
  Case Study 2: National Healthy Lifestyle Program
  Campaign Evaluations and Lessons Learned
  Questions for Discussion
Chapter  16  Reducing Drink Driving Road Deaths: Integrating Communication and Social Policy Enforcement in Australia
Samantha Snitow, Linda Brennan
  Australia: A Country Overview
  Case Study: Anti–Drink Driving Campaign
  Questions for Discussion

Hong Cheng, PhD-Associate Professor of Advertising, E. W. Scripps School of Journalism Ohio University

Hong Cheng (Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University) is an associate professor of advertising in the E. W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University. His research interests center on social marketing, international and cross-cultural advertising, and global branding. His work has appeared as dozens of journal articles, book chapters, and conference papers. He co-authored (with Guofang Wan) The Media-Savvy Student (Chicago: Zephyr Press, 2004) and co-edited (with Kara Chan) Advertising and Chinese Society: Impacts and Issues (Copenhagen Business School Press, 2009). He was head of the Advertising Division (2008-2009) and the International Communication Division (2002-2003) of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC), and secretary (2005) of the American Academy of Advertising (AAA). He is an associate editor of the Asian Journal of Communication.

Philip Kotler, PhD-Distinguished Professor of International Marketing, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

Nancy Lee, MBA-President, Social Marketing Services, Inc, Mercer Island, Washington

  • "This excellent book contributes to our understanding of social marketing in public health. The editors succinctly summarize the social marketing framework at the book's outset, and each chapter provides a rich example of how this framework is being used to promote health around the world. As a result, the social marketing field now has a uniquely practical resource that will be prominently featured on my bookshelf."

    --Michael C Fagen, PhD, MPH, University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health
    (For Doody's Book Review Service, June 2010)

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ISBN-13: 9780763757977

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