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Medical and Psychosocial Care of the Cancer Survivor

Author(s): Kenneth D. Miller, MD, Director, Lance Armstrong Survivorship Program, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School
  • ISBN-13: 9780763757700
  • Hardcover    479 pages      © 2010
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This ground-breaking clinical reference provides a comprehensive perspective of the multiple issues facing cancer survivors, ranging from early post-treatment through long-term care. Clear, clinically practical chapters written by experts in the field concentrate on multi-dimensional issues that confront cancer survivors. Divided into four, focused sections—overview of survivorship, medical care, psychosocial care, and epidemiologic—this book is evidence-based and uses case examples and illustrations throughout to add to the understanding of the material and its application to the individual patient. Primary care physicians, nurses, oncologists, hematologists, students of medicine, and survivorship researchers will all find this to be a valuable asset in setting the standard of care in the field of cancer survivorship.

As the number of cancer survivors in the United States continues to grow, so does the need for quality survivorship care. Written by thirty-five renowned oncologists, Medical and Psychosocial Care of the Cancer Survivor brings clinical knowledge about the psychosocial, medical, and epidemiologic issues unique to each of the survivorship fields: acute survivorship, extended survivorship, and permanent survivorship. Care of cancer survivor can be designed and delivered within many different clinical settings, and this complete resource provides health care professionals with the tools they need to deliver high quality survivorship care to patients in all seasons and in all settings.

Key Topics include:

  1. Post-Traumatic Stress in Cancer Survivors
  2. Challenges of Parenting During Survivorship
  3. Health Issues for Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer
  4. Neurologic Sequelae of Cancer Therapy
  5. Rheumatologic Problems in Cancer Survivors
  6. Fertility Preservation in Cancer Survivors
  7. Post-Operative Lymphedema: Evaluation and Treatment
Chapter  1  Challenges in Cancer Survivorship
Chapter  2  Cancer Survivorship Today
Chapter  3  Symptom Burden in Cancer Survivorship: Managing Mood, Pain, Fatigue and Sleep Disturbances
Chapter  4  Post-Traumatic Stress in Cancer Survivors
Chapter  5  Finding Benefits in the Cancer Experience: Post-Traumatic Growth
Chapter  6  Sexuality and Intimacy After Cancer
Chapter  7  Male Sexuality and Fertility After Cancer
Chapter  8  Fertility and Parenthood in Cancer Survivors
Chapter  9  Treatment Choices and Quality of Life Among Prostate Cancer Patients
Chapter  10  Genetic Counseling and Testing for Cancer Survivors
Chapter  11  The Challenges of Parenting During Survivorship
Chapter  12  Family and Caregivers of Cancer Survivors: Being a Strengthened Ally--A Community Perspective
Chapter  13  Physical Activity and Breast Cancer Prevention and Prognosis
Chapter  14  Nutrition and Prevention in Cancer Survivors
Chapter  15  The Epidemiology of Second Primary Cancers
Chapter  16  Radiation-Associated Malignancies
Chapter  17  Therapy-Related Cancers After Chemotherapy: Leukemia, Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, and Solid Tumors
Chapter  18  Health Issues for Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer
Chapter  19  The Long Term Cardiac Effects of Cancer Therapy
Chapter  20  Pulmonary Problems in Cancer Survivors
Chapter  21  Gastrointestinal and Liver Toxicity in Cancer Survivors
Chapter  22  Neurologic Sequelae of Cancer Therapy
Chapter  23  Kidney Concerns for Cancer Survivors
Chapter  24  Ocular Manifestations of Cancer
Chapter  25  Otologic Consequences of Cancer Therapy
Chapter  26  Endocrine Consequences of Cancer Treatment
Chapter  27  Rheumatologic Problems in Cancer Survivors
Chapter  28  Cognitive Dysfunction--"Chemobrain, or Chemofog"
Chapter  29  Fertility Preservation in Cancer Survivors
Chapter  30  Postoperative Lymphedema: Evaluation and Treatment
Chapter  31  Conclusion

Kenneth D. Miller, MD-Director, Lance Armstrong Survivorship Program, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School

  • “With over 11 million cancer survivors nationally, Dr. Kenneth Miller's book is a most welcome and needed resource for health care professionals, the generalist and specialist alike. This gem of a book is as comprehensive as it is practical and offers current information about the long term and late effects of cancer and its treatment - from medical problems and psychological issues to sexual health. Most importantly, the authors give us the very important message that cancer survivorship is more than surviving-it is a distinct period of life with a unique set of health care challenges. This book will help us assure that survivors achieve the highest quality of life possible.”

    Mary McCabe, R.N., Director
    Cancer Survivorship Program
    Memorial-Sloan Kettering Hospital
    New York, NY

    "Dr. Kenneth Miller has created essential reading for any professional who cares for cancer survivors. His unique perspective as a seasoned oncologist and committed husband to a cancer survivor has resulted in a no-nonsense cancer survivorship guide for physicians, nurses, and mental health professionals alike from a variety of perspectives. Essential material on psychosocial topics, medical issues, and epidemiology is presented clearly and thoroughly. This healing hero knows the science and the caring.”

    Matthew Loscalzo, MSW
    Executive Director, Department of  Supportive Care Medicine
    Professor, Department of Population Sciences
    City of Hope
    Duarte, CA

    "Dr. Kenneth Miller's book is the most encyclopedic approach to cancer survivorship to date.  He and his co-authors tackle all of the major issues of survivorship from the psychological, to the physical and all the ramifications of trying to move
    one's life forward after a cancer diagnosis and the treatment that accompanies it.  The thoroughness of the approach, and the manner in which the topics are tied together sheds light on the issues a cancer survivor - the whole individual
    - must deal with.  This is a must-have book for those interested in this ever more important area of medicine."

    Lawrence Shulman, M.D.
    Chief Medical Officer
    Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
    Boston, MA

    “Dr. Kenneth Miller's Medical and Psychosocial Care of the Cancer Survivor is a landmark roadmap for clinicians who care for cancer survivors and researchers. The book is written by top experts in the field and presents the state of the art and science of survivorship.  It is an excellent book which reviews the medical needs of cancer survivors while sensitively discussing their psychosocial needs.  I highly recommend it.”

    Richard Edelson, M.D. Director
    Yale Cancer Center
    Professor of Oncology
    New Haven, CT

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