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Orthopaedic Manual Therapy Diagnosis: Spine and Temporomandibular Joints

Author(s): Aad van der El, BPE, BSc, PT, Dip. MT, Dip. Acupuncture
  • ISBN-13: 9780763755942
  • Hardcover    578 pages      © 2010
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Another addition to the Jones and Bartlett Learning Series:
Contemporary Issues in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Medicine

Orthopaedic Manual Therapy Diagnosis is a comprehensive and easily-accessible compendium of theory and technique related to orthopaedic manual therapy (OMT). This essential resource covers key topics such as spinal anatomy, biomechanics, arthrology, general functional aspects of the spine, definitions, theories, and examination. This text combines a comprehensive discussion of both the pathophysiologic rationale and the applied evidence base with regard to OMT diagnosis. It demonstrates numerous diagnostic techniques used in the clinical practice of manual medicine.

Providing an up-to-date analysis of spinal examination, this is an ideal textbook for courses in OMT. It also serves as a reference for all manual medicine practitioners including physical therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, and medical physicians.

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Introduction Letter from Author and Series and Editor

Sample Chapters


Part  One  Introduction
  Chapter  1  Introduction to Spinal Anatomy
  Chapter  2  Introduction to Applied Biomechanics
  Chapter  3  Function and Dysfunction of the Spine
  Chapter  4  Terminology and Theories
  Chapter  5  Introduction to Test Psychometric Properties
Part  Two  Examination
  Chapter  6  History and Examination: General Structure and Special Considerations
  Chapter  7  Neurological and Neurovascular Examination
  Chapter  8  Psychological Aspects
  Chapter  9  Supplementary Data, Diagnosis, and Treatment Planning
  Chapter  10  History and Examination: Practical Considerations
  Chapter  11  Palpatory Examination
  Chapter  12  Active Examination
  Chapter  13  Examination of the Pelvic Region
  Chapter  14  Examination of the Lumbar Spine
  Chapter  15  Examination of the Thoracic Spine
  Chapter  16  Examination of the Lower and Mid-Cervical Spine
  Chapter  17  Examination of the Upper Cervical Spine
  Chapter  18  Examination of the Temporomandibular Joints

Aad van der El, BPE, BSc, PT, Dip. MT, Dip. Acupuncture

  • "The main strength of this book is that the techniques are explained clearly and supported with pictures including reliability studies to help the clinician decide on usefulness of the procedures and tests. Another strength is the extensive details covering biomechanics of the spine. This book would be an excellent addition to any manual therapist’s collection and a reference text in the academic setting."

    ~ Michael E. Biller, PT, OCS, Cert. MDT, Emory Physical Therapy, Atlanta, GA
    (JOSPT, Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy, October 2012)

  • "The purpose [of this text] is to offer English-language orthopedic manual therapists (OMTs) a thorough system to diagnose and manage patients based on the long history of orthopedic manual therapy that has developed over the years in Europe. [T]his is a great contribution to the OMT world. It provides readers with a lot of information about a unique approach to the assessment and management of the spine and TMJs, broadening their perspective."

    ~ Michelle Finnegan,  DPT, OCS, MTC, FAAOMPT, Bethesda Physiocare, for Doody's Review Service