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An Introduction to Programming with Java Applets, Third Edition

Author(s): Elizabeth S. Boese
  • ISBN-13: 9780763754600
  • Paperback    428 pages      © 2010
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An easy-to-learn approach for programming Java applets!

An Introduction to Programming with Java Applets provides a clear introduction to the art of programming for the one-term course.  It prepares students with the tools they need to create sophisticated programs efficiently and with ease.  Boese assumes no prior programming knowledge, and begins with an introduction to computing, then gradually moves into programming, giving students the opportunity to create their own programs.  The text focuses on the essentials and places more detailed information in "Advanced Concept" sections for those who would like to delve deeper into particular concepts. With numerous practice exercises, Introduction to Programming with Java Applets is the clear choice for your introductory course!

Features & Benefits

  • All examples use graphical Java applets that can be put directly on to the internet.
  • The text is updated based on Java 6 using the capabilities of Swing components.
  • The material is all based on the standard Java API, enabling you to understand examples from other sources without relying on custom libraries specific to a particular book.
  • The text focuses on the essentials and includes additional information on more sophisticated material in optional Advanced Concept sections.
  • The examples are creative and urge students to think outside the box and apply their own creativity to a variety of exercises.
  • Examples include callouts to help direct attention to the new and/or important concepts in the example.
  • Includes a chapter on Game Programming with is often exciting and engaging area of student interest.
  • Numerous Instructor and Student Supplements are available!


Applicable Courses

An Introduction to Programming with Java Applets, Third Edition is appropriate for the introductory programming course offered within the departments of Computer Science, CIS, MIS.

It is also appropriate for AP High School courses in the are of Computer Science.

Chapter 1  Introduction to Programming
Chapter 2  Drawing Shapes and Text
Chapter 3  Variables and Methods
Chapter 4  Swing Components
Chapter 5  GUI Design
Chapter 6  Data Types and Operators
Chapter 7  Conditionals
Chapter 8  Events
Chapter 9  Loops
Chapter 10  Classes
Chapter 11  Swing Components II
Chapter 12  Collections
Chapter 14  Inheritance
Chapter 15  Game Programming
Chapter 17  Java
Appendix A  Debugging
Appendix B  Java API
Symbol Index  
Word Index  

Elizabeth S. Boese

The following instructor resources are available to qualified instructors for download

ISBN-13: 9780763754600

Answers to Lab Exercises
Slides in PowerPoint Format
Test Bank

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