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Epidemiology 101

Author(s): Robert H. Friis, PhD, Emeritus Professor and Chair, Department of Health Science - California State University, Long Beach
  • ISBN-13: 9780763754433
  • Paperback    220 pages      © 2010
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Part of the Jones & Bartlett Learning Essential Public Health series.

Designed to fulfill the four essential learning outcomes of Liberal Education and America’s Promise (LEAP)—a campaign of the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AACU*)—Epidemiology 101 meets the needs of instructors teaching an overview or introductory course in epidemiology.

Using a clear, cohesive writing style, Epidemiology 101 covers the basics of infectious disease epidemiology, environmental epidemiology, molecular epidemiology, and psychosocial/behavioral epidemiology. Numerous tables and charts throughout the text capture the reader’s interest and enhance learning. 
Key Features:

  • Follows the basic Epidemiology 101 curriculum framework as recommended by the 2006 Consensus Conference on Undergraduate Public Health Education.
  • Offers current, tangible examples from the field such as recent disease outbreaks, bioterrorism, and uses of epidemiology for policy development.
  • Requires no prior familiarity with health-related fields or statistics.
  • End-of-chapter exercises provide access to a laboratory component for college science courses that require a laboratory.
  • A comprehensive companion website includes a complete package of instructor resources and interactive student resources.

Looking for more real-life evidence? Check out Cases 1-5, 19, & 21 in Essential Case Studies in Public Health, Putting Public Health into Practice.

* To learn more about the AAC&U initiative, The Educated Citizen and Public Health, or to download the curriculum guide, log on to:

Essential Public Health Series      
Reigelman Prologue        
Chapter 1 History, Philosophy, and Uses of Epidemiology        
Chapter 2 Epidemiologic Measurements Used to Describe Disease Occurrence        
Chapter 3 Data and Additional Measures of Disease Occurrence          
Chapter 4 Descriptive Epidemiology: Patterns of Disease—Person, Place, Time        
Chapter 5 Association and Causality         
Chapter 6 Analytic Epidemiology: Types of Study Designs        
Chapter 7 Epidemiology and the Policy Arena        
Chapter 8 Infectious Diseases and Outbreak Investigation       
Chapter 9 Social and Behavioral Epidemiology         
Chapter 10 Special Epidemiologic Applications        
Unit Glossary

Robert H. Friis, PhD-Emeritus Professor and Chair, Department of Health Science - California State University, Long Beach

Robert H. Friis, PhD, earned his doctorate from Columbia University and completed a postdoctoral fellowship in social epidemiology at the Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from the University of California at Berkeley.


He has had more than three decades of teaching and research experience in epidemiology. Formerly, he was Assistant Professor of Epidemiology at the Columbia University School of Public Health, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Community Health at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and Assistant Professor of Health Science at Brooklyn College of the City University of New York.


Subsequently, he was Director of the Field Epidemiology Unit at the Orange County (California) Public Health Department. Later he became a faculty member in the Department of Medicine, Department of Neurology, and the School of Social Ecology at the University of California, Irvine. Currently, he is Professor and Chair of the Health Science Department at California State University, Long Beach, where he has taught introductory epidemiology and biostatistics.


He has been involved in numerous epidemiologic research projects and has published more than 50 professional and scientific articles. He is a member of the Society for Epidemiologic Research and the epidemiology section of the American Public Health Association. He is also Clinical Professor of Community and Environmental Medicine at the University of California, Irvine. 


See the author as the "Expert" in Epidemiology in a short video on "Video Jug." 

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  • "The author has outstanding experience which he shares in a descriptive and explanatory presentation. The contemporary examples are the best aspect of the book and they should stimulate students to adapt the concepts and design to issues in public health. There are plenty of illustrations and graphs to demonstrate trends and comparisons."

    James C. Torner, MS, PhD, University of Iowa College of Public Health
    (For Doody’s Book Review Service, October 2009)

  • "I have reviewed Epidemiology 101 and plan to use this for my undergraduate class. The series is a wonderful service to undergraduate public health education!"

    Leslie Elliott, MPH, PhD, Assistant Professor of Epidemiology
    School of Community Health Sciences, University of Nevada, Reno

  • “The great thing about Dr. Friis's book is how he seamlessly weaves epidemiologic concepts into a broader public health setting. Other introductory epidemiology texts focus too heavily on the methods, without providing enough context for how those methods are applicable to public health problems.”
    Steven Valeika, DVM PhD, Assistant Professor of Epidemiology
    Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, University of Georgia College of Public Health

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ISBN-13: 9780763754433

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