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Programming Recreational Services

Author(s): Jay S. Shivers, PhD
  • ISBN-13: 9780763751982
  • ISBN-10:0763751987
  • Paperback    434 pages      © 2011
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Programming Recreational Services serves as a handbook for recreational practitioners at every level. It clearly presents the methods and materials necessary for the planning, organization, and operation of recreational services.

This reader friendly text addresses each of the 12 recreational program categories in detail and includes illustrations to assist with learning. It teaches students a methodology for evaluating recreational programs from the establishment of objectives to the final instrument used, to determine whether or not the program performed in the way that it was intended.

 The text also covers:

  • Adaptations for persons with disabilities
  • Computer applications for use in recreational service - available software and applications, computerized program development, web site development, and scheduling
  • Specialized places, facilities, and space standards necessary for recreational activities to occur
  • Participation motivation and how to build and sustain participant interest

Applicable Courses

This text can be used in the following courses:

  • Programming Leisure Services 
  • Leisure Program Development
  • Organization and Administration of Leisure Services
Part I  The Nature of Programming
  Chapter 1  The Program and its Components
  Chapter 2  Demographics: The Population to be Served
  Chapter 3  Needs Assessment and Satisfaction
  Chapter 4  Adaptation
  Chapter 5  Computer Applications in Programming
  Chapter 6  The Environment: Natural and Artificial Settings
  Chapter 7  Program Development
Part II  The Recreational Program Categories
  Chapter 8  Art as Experience
  Chapter 9  Crafts
  Chapter 10  Invitation to the Dance
  Chapter 11  The Play’s the Thing
  Chapter 12  Education
  Chapter 13  Motor Skills
  Chapter 14  Aquatic Activities
  Chapter 15  The Community Music Program
  Chapter 16  Camping and Nature-Oriented Activities
  Chapter 17  Practical Nature Science Activities
  Chapter 18  Nature Exploration and Trips
  Chapter 19  Service Activities
  Chapter 20  Social Experiences
  Chapter 21  Special Events
  Chapter 22  Program Evaluation
  Appendix A  Useful sources for enhancing the recreational service program by category

Jay S. Shivers, PhD

Dr. Jay S. Shivers has been engaged in the practice and study of the field of recreational service for more than 60 years.  Along with his distinguished career as an educator and researcher, he has professional experience as a program worker, supervisor, director, and administrators in public (community) recreational service, treatment centers, private clubs, and camps. 

Dr. Shivers was professor and coordinator of the professional preparatory program in recreational service education, with primary responsibility for therapeutic recreational service education, in the Department of Knesiology, School of Education at the University of Connecticut.  Active in the field since 1947, he still serves as a consultant, expert witness in tort cases concerning recreational safety, and continues to write.  He is the author of 26 major textbooks, numerous articles in refereed journals, as well as reports, reviews, plans, and studies all involving the field.  He has keynoted at international conferences and symposia in Europe, Asia, South America, North America, and Africa.

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ISBN-13: 9780763751982

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