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Cardiology Essentials

Author(s): Teresa Holler, MS, PA-C, Assistant Professor/Clinical Coordinator, Jefferson College of Health Sciences
  • ISBN-13: 9780763750763
  • ISBN-10:076375076X
  • Paperback    284 pages      © 2008
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Cardiology Essentials provides vital information on how to care for the most common cardiac conditions encountered in clinical practice, and offers practical advice on how to be an efficient, competent member of the cardiology team. Oftentimes, the supervising physician is inaccessible during a medical crisis. Written in an easy-to-read format, this book equips the PA/NP or student with the confidence they need to handle medical crises by making them feel at home in the world of cardiology.

Key Features:

  • Back to the Basics, which teaches basic concepts to beginners, as well as more advanced information such as the different chemical properties of various beta-blockers 
  • Cardiac H&P, which offers tips for constructing a comprehensive cardiac H&P
  • ECG Tricks reveals quick tricks for assessing the ECG for clinically relevant information
  • Stress-free Stress Testing and Other Cardiac Studies explains all the most commonly used cardiac studies in a manner that is easy to understand
  • Cardio Meds reviews both basic and more advanced details about cardiac drugs
  • Cardio Consults addresses some of the most common reasons the PA/NP is asked to see a patient and how to handle these consultations
  • Cardio Conditions provides the most recent clinical guidelines on the most common conditions that PAs and NPs are called upon to treat
  • Devices offers a basic overview of pacemakers, defibrillators, and stents
  • Lifestyles provides information on how to educate patients about a healthy diet, exercise, tobacco cessation, and stress
  • Survival Skills cover such important topics as maintaining control of your schedule, how to make allies of the nurses and staff, how to handle complicated patients by taking it one step at a time, and the dreaded topic of what to do when you make a mistake
  • Bottom Line summarizes important information concisely throughout the text
  • Pearls provide clinically useful information gathered with years of experience
  • The Appendix includes sample admission orders, discharge summaries, pre and post procedure orders and other useful tools for the cardiology PA/NP 

A great resource for preparing for the PANCE exam!


Applicable Courses

  • The Internal Medicine, Family Practice, and Cardiology clinical rotations during Physician Assistant and Nurse Practitioner training.
  • Cardiology component of the Clinical Medicine course during the didactic year of PA and NP training.
  • For preparation for certification exams for PAs and NPs.

Section I: Diagnostic Tools - explains how to perform a cardiac-specific History and Physical Examination, provides practical tips for easy EKG interpretation, and discusses common cardiac diagnostic studies including how to perform treadmill and pharmacological stress tests
Section II: Cardio Medications – discusses the most commonly used cardiac medications
Section III: Cardio Consultations - addresses some of the most common reasons the practitioner is asked to see a patient - such as chest pain, shortness of breath, palpitations, edema, and syncope - and how to handle these consultations
Section IV: Cardio Conditions - discusses cardiovascular conditions that are managed frequently, such as coronary disease, acute MI, atrial fibrillation, and congestive heart failure
Section V: Devices – explains the basics of devices such as pacemakers, defibrillators, and stents
Section VI: Lifestyles – provides information to share with patients regarding healthy eating, exercise, and stress reduction
Section VII: Survival Skills – gives tips on maintaining control of your schedule, how to make allies of the nurses and staff, how to handle complicated patients, and what to do when you make a mistake




Teresa Holler, MS, PA-C-Assistant Professor/Clinical Coordinator, Jefferson College of Health Sciences

  • "This book builds upon the foundational knowledge that PAs should have. The pictures are relevant and clear. I really appreciate the included case studies, and the information about tests is really helpful for the primary care provider! What I liked best about the book is that it encompasses tips on using your team in healthcare."

    - Pam Harrison Chambers, MPH, PA-C, Associate Professor, Physician Assistant Program, Des Moines University

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