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DNA Sequencing: Optimizing the Process and Analysis

Author(s): Jan Kieleczawa, PhD, MBA, Wyeth Research - Genomics Department
  • ISBN-13: 9780763747824
  • ISBN-10:0763747823
  • Hardcover    204 pages      © 2005
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DNA sequencing techniques have evolved rapidly in recent years — largely resulting from the Human Genome Project — but scientists still encounter challenges in sequencing genomes. DNA Sequencing: Optimizing the Process and Analysis was written to help scientists sequence difficult templates. It is also a practical guide to faster and more efficient routine DNA sequencing.  This in-depth volume covers important topics in the field, including biochemical and technological advances stemming from the Human Genome Project, proven and newly emerging methods of preparing DNA templates, the effects of widely used laboratory reagents on DNA sequencing, Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), setting up of a GLP/GMP DNA sequencing lab, and the future of DNA sequencing.

"... [DNA Sequencing: Optimizing the Process and Analysis offers] fascinating insight into the many and varied approaches to solving problem sequences, to say nothing of the appreciation one should gain that this has been, and remains, a difficult set of problems to solve." 

-From the Foreword by Elaine R. Mardis

Brief Table of Contents

Foreword by Elaine Mardis


Chapter 1:   Controlled Heat-Denaturation of DNA Plasmids

Jan Kieleczawa, Wyeth Research

Chapter 2:   Effect of Various Reagents on DNA Sequencing

Jan Kieleczawa, Wyeth Research

Chapter 3: 
 Sequencing of Difficult DNA Templates

Jan Kieleczawa, Wyeth Research

Chapter 4: 
 New DNA Sequencing Enzymes

Sandra L. Spurgeon and John W. Brandis, Applied Biosystems

Chapter 5: 
 Beyond pUC: Vectors for Cloning Unstable DNA

Ronald Godiska, Melodee Patterson, Tom Schoenfeld, and David A. Mead, Lucigen Corporation, Middleton, WI

Chapter 6: 
 Recombination-Based Cloning

Vincent Ling, Wyeth Research

Chapter 7: 
 Plasmid Preparation Methods for DNA Sequencing

Parke K. Flick, Amersham Biosciences

Chapter 8: 
 Optimization of Culture Growth in 96-Deep-Well Plates

Jan Kieleczawa, Wyeth Research

Chapter 9: 
 Automated DNA Scanners Used in Sequencing Laboratories

Jan Kieleczawa, Wyeth Research

Chapter 10: 
 Geospiza’s Finch-Server: A Complete Data Management System for DNA Sequencing

Sandra Porter, Joe Slagel, and Todd Smith, Geospiza, Inc.

Chapter 11: 
 DNA Sequencing Database: A Flexible LIMS for DNA Sequencing Analysis

Donald M. Koffman, DMK Concepts Inc. and Hemchand Sookdeo, Wyeth Research

Chapter 12: 
 Good Laboratory Practices, Good Manufacturing Procedures, and Quality Assurance in the DNA Sequencing Laboratory
Michele Godlevski and Thalia Taylor, GlaxoSmithKline

Chapter 13: 
The Future of DNA Sequencing:  Towards an Affordable Genome
Kevin McKernan, Agencourt Biosciences

Jan Kieleczawa, PhD, MBA-Wyeth Research - Genomics Department

Dr. Jan Kieleczawa earned his masters and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Wroclaw (Poland) and his M.B.A. from Oakdale College. Currently, he heads the DNA Sequencing Group at Wyeth Research in Cambridge, MA. His research interest involve developing methods of sequencing numerous types of difficult DNA templates.

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