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Ethical Challenges in the Management of Health Information, Second Edition

Author(s): Laurinda Beebe Harman, PhD, RHIA, Associate Professor Emeritus, Department of Health Information Management, College of Public Health, Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • ISBN-13: 9780763747329
  • ISBN-10:0763747327
  • Paperback    656 pages      © 2006
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The protection of privacy and confidential information is the primary ethical obligation of the health information management (HIM) professional and this obligation is central to the decisions that are made on behalf of patients.

Published in conjunction with the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), Ethical Challenges in the Management of Health Information, Second Edition addresses HIPAA and contains all new chapters on management, e-HIM, clinical decisions at the end of life and issues related to working with vendors. It is an ideal resource for students and practitioners in many disciplines—HIM, healthcare professions (physicians, nurses, therapists), ethics, information technology, healthcare administration and public health. HIM professionals who work on behalf of patients to protect privacy and healthcare providers who treat patients and patient care advocacy groups will find this book to be a unique and invaluable resource. This book aids all of these readers in exploring professional values and obligations, with guidance from the AHIMA Code of Ethics.

“The overall practicality of this book makes it attractive not only to HIM professionals, but to all who are drawn into the professional responsibility of managing health information in a moral, ethical manner.”

Melanie S. Brodnik, PhD, RHIA, Director and Associate Professor
Health Information Management & Systems, The Ohio State University

Features & Benefits

A focus on the uses of health information for coding, quality review, research and decision support, public health, managed care and end-of-life clinical decisions

Exploration of the dilemmas created by the electronic health record, information security, software development and implementation, data resource management, integrated delivery systems, and the emerging e-HIM and e-Health systems

A discussion of the concerns relating to the management of sensitive health information, such as genetic, adoption, drug, alcohol, sexual, and mental health issues

A review of ethical issues for managers, entrepreneurs, advocates and those working with vendors

Over 70 case studies that include decision-making matrices to facilitate evaluating and resolving problems based on an understanding of values, obligations and multidisciplinary perspectives

Chapter 1 Professional Values and the Code of Ethics
Chapter 2 Ethical Decision-Making Guidelines And Tools
Chapter 3 Privacy and Confidentiality

Chapter 4 Compliance, Fraud, and Abuse
Chapter 5 Clinical Code Selection and Use
Chapter 6 Quality Review
Chapter 7 Research and Decision Support
Chapter 8 Public Health
Chapter 9 Managed Care:  Lessons of Integration

Chapter 10 Clinical Care:  End of Life
Chapter 11 Electronic Patient Record
Chapter 12 Information Security
Chapter 13 Software Development and Implementation
Chapter 14 Data Resource Management
Chapter 15 Integrated Delivery Systems

Chapter 16 E-Health for Consumers, Patients and Caregivers
Chapter 17 E-HIM: Information Technology and Information Exchange
Chapter 18 Genetic Information
Chapter 19 Adoption Information
Chapter 20 Drug, Alcohol, Sexual, and Behavioral Information

Chapter 21  Management
Chapter 22 Entrepreneur
Chapter 23 Vendors
Chapter 24 Advocacy

Laurinda Beebe Harman, PhD, RHIA-Associate Professor Emeritus, Department of Health Information Management, College of Public Health, Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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  • "The 70-plus case studies and decision making matrices to facilitate evluating and resolving ethical issues faced in the management of health information and the privacy of patient data are my favorite part of the excellent reference for health information managers..."

    —LouAnn Schraffenberger, MBA, RHIA, CCS, CCS-P, Univ. of Illinois at Chicago