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Innovation-Driven Health Care: 34 Key Concepts for Transformation

Author(s): Richard L. Reece, MD, Physician Practice Options - America's Top Doctors - Center for Practical Health Reform
  • ISBN-13: 9780763746810
  • ISBN-10:0763746819
  • Paperback    376 pages      © 2007
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Dr. Richard L. Reece's Innovation-Driven Health Care: 34 Key Concepts for Transformation offers an accessible and compelling in-depth look at important innovative trends in the healthcare industry. Written for practicing physicians, hospital-physician joint venturers, corporation benefit officers, health plan executives, health care reformers, and leaders of the consumer movement, this unique text is a must-have resource featuring six sections on small practice innovations, large group practice innovations, hospital/physician relationship innovations, employer/health plan innovations, cost constraints/reform innovations, and consumer-driven innovations. Each chapter includes clear descriptions and examples of the moving forces behind medical innovation and the state of the industry from the physician’s and consumer’s perspective, with comprehensive case studies from leaders in the healthcare industry, illustrating practical use and implementation of each trend.

Read the Foreword by Harvard Business School Professor Regina Herzlinger

Features & Benefits

A timely, comprehensive resource featuring compelling information on innovative trends in the healthcare industry.

Divided into six sections:

  • small practice innovations
  • large group practice innovations
  • hospital/physician relationship innovations
  • employer/health plan innovations
  • cost restraints/reform innovations
  • consumer-driven innovations

Loaded with examples.

Contains case studies written by leaders in the healthcare industry.

Part One Small-Practice Innovations


Chapter 1 American Health Care Innovates
Chapter 2 The Search for New Careers and New Primary Care Business Models
Chapter 3 New Practice Paradigm for Preventing Vascular Deaths
Chapter 4 The KISS Trifecta, from Complexity to Simplicity
Chapter 5 Physician Office Dispensing Stages Comeback
Chapter 6 Innovative New Practices Are Managing Costs, Time, Convenience, and Disease
Chapter 7 Stopping the Bleeding in the Clinical Trenches
Chapter 8 Total Knee Replacement: An Innovator’s Dream


Part Two Large-Group Practice Innovation


Chapter 9 Kaiser Permanente’s Archimedes Model
Chapter 10 The Mayo Clinic Innovates the Mayo Way: Leaving Nothing to Chance


Part Three Hospital-Physician Joint Venture Innovations


Chapter 11 From Hospitals to Physician: Integrated Facilities
Chapter 12 Making Rooms for Boomers
Chapter 13 New Partners for Building and Financing Big MACCs
Chapter 14 From Independent Specialty Practice to Hospital Employment


Part Four Employer and Health Plan Innovations


Chapter 15 From High Tech to High Tech/High Touch
Chapter 16 Pfizer Innovates
Chapter 17 Restless and Rebellious Employers
Chapter 18 Understanding Complexity, Consulting, and Clinical Boundaries
Chapter 19 Employers’ Push to Release Medicare Claims Data
Chapter 20 Health Plans and Banks Move to Ally with Doctors
Chapter 21 Pay for Performance—A Seemingly Inevitable Trend


Part Five Constraining Costs and Expanding Markets


Chapter 22 Imaging: The Blessing of Technology, The Curse of Cost
Chapter 23 Flattening Supply-Chain Costs
Chapter 24 Skinning the Universal Coverage Cat the Massachusetts Way


Part Six Consumer Innovations


Chapter 25 Health Savings Accounts: Wall Street, Health Plan Websites, and Preventive Services
Chapter 26 Alternative and Complementary Medicine Enter the Mainstream
Chapter 27 Managing Customer Relationships
Chapter 28 Meeting Demands for Knowing Hospital Costs Upfront
Chapter 29 Quest for Personal Health Records
Chapter 30 Navigating Uncharted Health Care Consumer Waters
Chapter 31 Health Care Retail Outlets
Chapter 32 Self-Care, Self-Service, and Self-Empowering Consumer Care
Chapter 33 Malpractice Innovations
Chapter 34 An Innovator’s Personal Experience and Vision

Richard L. Reece, MD-Physician Practice Options - America's Top Doctors - Center for Practical Health Reform

Richard L. Reece, MD, was born in Iowa, grew up in Tennessee, and graduated from Duke University and its Medical School. Dr. Reece did his postgraduate work at Hartford Hospital and Harvard Business School, and has written 2,000 articles and editorials, edited various medical publications, contributed 25 news features to, authored 8 books, spoken at various healthcare stakeholder functions, and co-founded the National Association of Integrated Health Organizations and the High Performance Physician Institute.  Dr. Reece resides in Old Saybrook, Connecticut, with his wife, Loretta, a former nurse, and Paris, a male French Bulldog of impeccable heritage.

  • "Most physicians are not soothsayers and seldom do we have the opportunity to predict the future.  As physicians we rely heavily on feedback to make our decisions about the future.  We look at what we have done in the past and use that information to help us decide future events in our practice. But, Dr. Richard Reece has been able to provide physicians with a new concept or 'feedforward' -- he has given physicians advice on the future and how to take the information and advice he foresees and give us suggestions for making decisions on the future of our medical practices. There is no better book or resource to use to understand the future of medicine than Innovation-Driven Health Care. Dr. Reece truly understands the synergy between past and the future.  No practice can be successful unless there is harmony between both of these aspects of a medical practice.  All who read this book will have a greater understanding of their medical future.  They will be able to foretell what the potential potholes are for the future and suggestions for how to avoid these bumps in the road.  Ultimately they will gain solid advice on how to make their practice thrive and prosper.  If there were two books that I would recommend for any physician in clinical practice, it would be Innovation-Driven Health Care and I would read it twice!"

    --Dr. Neil Baum
    Clinical Associate Professor of Urology
    Tulane Medical School, New Orleans, LA

    “Richard Reece has given us the literary equivalent of an industry Rosetta stone—well written and thoughtfully composed—for deciphering the infinitely complex world of contemporary healthcare.  This is a must-read for anyone serious about the field’s future and the industry’s eventual state.”

    --Preston Gee
    Senior Managing Director
    Phase 2 Consulting, Austin, TX


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