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Fundamentals of Statistics in Health Administration

Author(s): Robert W. Broyles, PhD, Director, MHA Program, Department of Health Administration and Policy, University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City
  • ISBN-13: 9780763745561
  • ISBN-10:0763745561
  • Paperback    374 pages      © 2006
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There is a vast need for statistical analysis and applications in healthcare administration.  Statistics are a key element of many health administration courses including financial management and quantitative methods, but texts in this area typically presume quantitative skills that students and many professionals so often lack.

This text fills the needs of both students and practicing health care managers who must apply statistical concepts and methods to real world health care management problems and issues. It covers the fundamentals of statistics in a user-friendly way, with a strong emphasis on practical application in health administration. The text is highly structured with step-by-step instructions throughout. There is an emphasis on Excel and other commonly used programs, although manual calculations are given careful attention as well.

Features & Benefits

The statistical concepts used are illustrated using statistical functions available in Excel

Introductory chapters are devoted to the simplest dimensions of statistics and form the foundation for an understanding of slightly more complicated statistical methods that are presented in later chapters

The content of each chapter forms the basis of the discussion presented in the next chapter and enhances the application of statistical techniques to the administration of a health service organization


1. Introduction to Statistics

2. The Presentation of Data

3. The Distribution and its Properties

4. The Fundamentals of Probability

5. Probability Distributions

6. Inferences Concerning the Mean

7. Inferences Concerning the Proportion

8. Analysis of Variance

9. Covariance

10. Simple Regression Analysis

11. Multiple Regression Analysis

12. Introduction to Forecasting

Appendix A: Glossary of Terms
Appendix B: An Introduction to Excel
Appendix C: Solutions to Selected Exercises
Appendix D: Statistical Tables

Robert W. Broyles, PhD-Director, MHA Program, Department of Health Administration and Policy, University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City

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ISBN-13: 9780763745561

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