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Restoration Ecology

Author(s): Sigurdur Greipsson, PhD, Associate Professor, Biology and Physics Department, Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, Georgia
  • ISBN-13: 9780763742195
  • ISBN-10:0763742198
  • Paperback    408 pages      © 2012
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The discipline of restoration ecology aims to provide a scientifically sound basis for the reconstruction of degraded or destroyed ecosystems to produce self-supporting systems.  This new text provides a current, comprehensive look at this developing area of study that is ideal for the upper-level undergraduate or graduate level course.  Divided into five natural parts, Restoration Ecology opens with a look at ecological perspectives of restoration, including nutrient cycling and factors that regulate ecosystem function. The text then moves on to discuss the ecological theories that have shaped restoration ecology, and moves on to sections devoted to restoration in practice, providing accounts of real restoration of various ecosystems. The final section delves in to the planning, implementation, monitoring and appraisal of restoration work.

Features & Benefits

  • The first six chapters provide the theoretical background for restoration ecology with the first chapter outlining the challenges of restoration ecology and also the benefits of restoring functional ecosystems.
  • Provides rigorous background in ecological theories that build the foundation for restoration ecology. These include theories in community and population ecology as well as biogeography.
  • Chapters 6-13 deal with restoration of various ecosystems.  Various restoration strategies are outlined for terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. These include techniques such as phytoremediation and biomanipulation.
  • Chapter 14 deals with strategies in planning restoration projects.
  • Each chapter provides relevant case study written by a subject matter expert expert and chapters close with a summary, key questions, key terms (that are bold faced in the text) and list of further reading.

Applicable Courses

Ideal for the Upper-level undergraduate or graduate course in restoration ecology.

Chapter  1  Introduction to Restoration Ecology
Chapter  2  Ecosystem Functioning
Chapter  3  Biodiversity
Chapter  4  Succession
Chapter  5  Assembly
Chapter  6  Landscape
Chapter  7  Invasive Species
Chapter  8  Soil
Chapter  9  Sand Dunes
Chapter  10  Mines and Polluted Sites
Chapter  11  Forest
Chapter  12  Endangered Animals
Chapter  13  Aquatic Ecosystems: Wetlands, Lakes, and Rivers
Chapter  14  Management of Restoration Projects

Sigurdur Greipsson, PhD-Associate Professor, Biology and Physics Department, Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, Georgia

  • "I just received an examination copy of your textbook on Restoration Ecology and wanted to let you know that the book is great and will be perfect for my course.  There has been a huge need for a good text in restoration, and your book is excellent.  I especially like the case studies at the ends of the chapters, along with the chapter reviews."

    Gerald R. Urquhart Ph.D.
    Michigan State University

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ISBN-13: 9780763742195

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