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Criminal Justice Administration: Strategies for the 21st Century

Author(s): Clyde L. Cronkhite, PhD, Western Illinois University
  • ISBN-13: 9780763741112
  • ISBN-10:0763741116
  • Hardcover    576 pages      © 2008
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Criminal Justice Administration: Strategies for the 21st Century provides a comprehensive overview of the prevailing criminal justice organizations present in law enforcement, courts, and correctional systems. Using an approach that combines theory with application, this text explores the operations, issues, and practices that administrators within criminal justice face today. Criminal Justice Administration is an essential resource for aspiring or practicing police administrators, supervisors, managers, and executives.

Organized by 3 Key Sections:

  • Part 1 covers the historical development and relevance of traditional theories of administration.
  • Part 2 applies these theories to current criminal justice administration.
  • Part 3 explores the future of criminal justice administration in the 21st century.

Look for the thoroughly revised and updated Second Edition publishing February 2012!

Features & Benefits

Key terms and concepts help students become more familiar with the language they will encounter at the management level within criminal justice.  A glossary listing all terms and concepts is also present at the end of the text for easy reference.

Review questions and chapter activities help promote further participation and research in and out of the classroom.

The end-of-chapter feature “Relevant Publication” contains an article hand-selected by the author to assist the student in understanding the concepts demonstrated in each chapter.

Applicable Courses

  • Criminal Justice Administration
  • Police Administration
  • Administration of Justice
  • Criminal Justice Organizations

Designed for undergraduate and graduate level course use.

Part I: Building Blocks of Criminal Justice Administration
Chapter 1:  Organizing the Historical Building Blocks of Administration into a Contextual Themes Model
Chapter 2: The Industrial Era (1880s-1950s):  Development of Organizations Functions and Employee Relations Administrative Themes
Chapter 3: The Civil Rights Era (1960s-1970s):  Development of Open Systems and Social Equity Themes
Chapter 4: The Transition to the 21st Century Era (1980-): Development of Client-Oriented Service Theme and the Eclectic Perspective
Chapter 5: The Application of the Contextual Theme Concepts in Law Enforcement

Part II: Applying the Contextual Themes to Contemporary Criminal Justice Agencies
Chapter 6: Connecting Criminal Justice Administration: Past to Present
Chapter 7: Applying Organization Functions Concepts to the Administration of Contemporary Criminal Justice Agencies
Chapter 8: Applying Employee Relations Concepts to the Administration of Contemporary Criminal Justice Agencies
Chapter 9: Applying Open Systems Concepts to the Administration of Contemporary Criminal Justice Agencies
Chapter 10: Applying Social Equity Theme Concepts to the Administration of Contemporary Criminal Justice Agencies

Part III: Applying Contextual Themes of Administration to Future Criminal Justice Issues
Chapter 11: Applying Client-Oriented Service to the Administration of Criminal Justice Agencies
Chapter 12: Criminal Justice Administration and Diversity in the 21st Century
Chapter 13: Criminal Justice Administration and Professional Ethics in the 21st Century
Chapter 14: Criminal Justice Administration and Leadership in the 21st Century
Chapter 15: Criminal Justice Administration and Cutting-Edge Issues in the 21st Century

Clyde L. Cronkhite, PhD-Western Illinois University

Clyde Cronkhie is a professor and former Chair of the Department of Law Enforcement and Justice Administration at Western Illinois University (WIU). He was also a faculty member and Director of the Center for Administration of Justice at the University of Southern California (USC). He has served in all law enforcement ranks (officer through deputy chief with the Los Angeles Police Department and Chief of Police of the Santa Ana Police Department in California). Dr. Cronkhite was also Corporate Chief of Security for Columbia Finance in Beverly Hills. He received his doctorate and master degrees in public administration from USC. He is the author of several textbooks and has published more than forty articles on criminal justice related subjects. In addition to teaching and writing, he also lectures and consults regarding criminal justice issues (

  • "It is well written, well researched, provides great graphs/illustrations, and is easy to read and comprehend. It will be an enormous contribution to the field of administration. Texts which are as comprehensive as this are lacking and I believe students will learn a great deal from your research and thoughts."
    ~Darrell Ross, Western Illinois University

    "This is absolutely the best treatment of CJ administration that I've ever had the pleasure to review The "contextual themes" notion is very helpful because it is often difficult for students to identify common threads when given material from disparate sources and several other texts are written with little connections between chapters and sections. For years I've used [another book] because I didn't feel there was an adequate CJ admin. book available for graduate classes.  Cronkhite now fills the bill!"
    ~ Peter W. Phillips, Ph.D., University of Texas-Tyler

    "I found this book to be very well researched, organized and timely. Every active and aspiring police manager or administrator should read and benefit from this book. I think this book would be especially valuable for persons wishing to promote to the ranks of Lieutenant, Captain, or Commander.  It would also benefit civilian personnel in management or administration in criminal justice organizations.  This book is the O.W. Wilson's Police Administration for the 21st century."
    ~Don First Commander (retired), Long Beach Police Department, California

    “When you read as many as Criminal Justice Administration books I do the topics can be redundant, but I like this book’s quick and direct approach and the inclusion of rarely seen topics, such as the Open Systems Concept application, Social Equity, and others.  The book would be great for tests for police agencies and in applications in assessment career interviewing; it fits in well with mid to upper management, Lt/Capt up to Deputy Chief and Chief (or Sheriff equivalents).”
    ~ Paul Patti, Police Career and Promotion Services LLC

    "I congratulate you on the book and thank you for your commitment to strengthening the leadership of criminal justice agencies across the nation."
    ~ Robert Mueller, Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation

    “As a former executive with the Los Angeles Police Department and New Your Police Department, I have a tremendous appreciation for the work you have done. Your examination of criminal justice administration from its earliest roots to the modern era is first-rate, and puts into context so many of the challenges administrators face on a daily basis.  Your book will be a valuable asset to professors, students, and administrators alike.  I plan to send this copy to our law enforcement library at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia.  I know it will be an outstanding resource for new Special Agents and seasoned police chiefs who attend the National Academy.” 
    ~ John J. Miller, Assistant Director, Office of Public Affairs, Federal Bureau of Investigation

    This book serves both the criminal justice practitioner and student. Knowing the author personally from being a former student, he is the definitive author for this well rounded text. Former Deputy Chief of the LAPD as well as Chief of Santa Ana, California Police, Dr. Cronkite has the education and experience, and it shows in this text. It focuses on the administrative side of the criminal justice system, not just police. It covers eras in management, strategies, and tactics for motivation as well. News examples and discussion questions make this useful for class text and also a must have for any reference in criminal justice. 
    ~ Christopher D. James, B.A, B.S., Graduate Assistant, Tri-States Audio Information Service

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