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NCLEX-RN Review: 1,000 Questions To Help You Pass

Author(s): Patricia McLean Hoyson, RN, PhD, Youngstown State University
Kimberly A. Serroka, MSN, RN, Youngstown State University
  • ISBN-13: 9780763740962
  • ISBN-10:0763740969
  • Paperback    445 pages      © 2008
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Build your confidence for the NCLEX Exam – tackle even the toughest questions! Guided, focused study is key to success—begin with this review guide and you’ll be on the right track! Designed to help you develop the confidence which comes with knowing that you have taken the necessary steps to best prepare for the NCLEX-RN exam, this review guide contains approximately 1,000 multiple choice and alternate format questions with answers and rationales, and extensive test-taking strategies. NCLEX-RN Review Guide offers a guided, individualized self-assessment and pre-test to evaluate three different aspects of your study plan—content knowledge, study methods, and test-taking skills. By assessing all three key components required to pass the NCLEX-RN, you will have found how to combat any study or test-taking deficiencies, developed a timeline, and prioritized your content areas for study.


Key Features of the NCLEX-RN Review Guide:

  • 1,000 Questions to Help You Pass
  • Questions follow the NCLEX-RN test plan
  • Fully interactive CD-ROM with customizable and gradable exams
  • Three comprehensive practice tests
  • NCLEX-RN test basics—scheduling, what to expect the day of the examination, types of questions, test taking skills, and scoring information

Download pre-test answers here!

Patricia McLean Hoyson, RN, PhD-Youngstown State University

Kimberly A. Serroka, MSN, RN-Youngstown State University