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100 Questions & Answers About Arthritis

Author(s): Campion E. Quinn, MD, MHA, President, Quinn & Associates Medical Consultants
Larry Greenbaum, MD
  • ISBN-13: 9780763740511
  • ISBN-10:0763740519
  • Paperback    223 pages      © 2008
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More than 2 million Americans suffer from rheumatoid arthritis.  Whether you've been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis or care for someone with this disease, 100 Questions & Answers About Arthritis, offers help. Written by a prominent physician, this book provides authoritative, practical answers to 100 of the most common questions asked by arthritis patients, including diagnosis, underlying causes, treatment options, sources of support, and much more. 

Features & Benefits

Concise, easy-to-read paperback book.

The question and answer format mimics an actual physician consultation.

Provides both the patient's and physician's perspective on rheumatoid arthritis.

Provides practical answers to questions about diagnosis, underlying causes, treatment options, sources of support, and much more.

Campion E. Quinn, MD, MHA-President, Quinn & Associates Medical Consultants

Campion Quinn, MD, MHA is board certified in internal medicine, emergency medicine and geriatric medicine. He is an experienced physician executive with a master’s degree in health care administration. He lives and works in Long Island, New York.

Larry Greenbaum, MD

Larry Greenbaum, MD, is board certified in internal medicine and rheumatology.  He practices in Greenwood, Indiana.