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C Programming for Scientists and Engineers with Applications

Author(s): Rama Reddy
Carol Ziegler, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
  • ISBN-13: 9780763739522
  • ISBN-10:0763739529
  • Paperback    838 pages      © 2010
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C is a favored and widely used programming language, particularly within the fields of science and engineering.  C Programming for Scientists and Engineers with Applications guides readers through the fundamental, as well as the advanced concepts, of the C programming language as it applies to solving engineering and scientific problems. Ideal for readers with no prior programming experience, this text provides numerous sample problems and their solutions in the areas of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, heat transfer, fluid mechanics, physics, chemistry, and more. It begins with a chapter focused on the basic terminology relating to hardware, software, problem definition and solution. From there readers are quickly brought into the key elements of C and will be writing their own code upon completion of Chapter 2.  Concepts are then gradually built upon using a strong, structured approach with syntax and semantics presented in an easy-to-understand sentence format. Readers will find C Programming for Scientists and Engineers with Applications to be an engaging, user-friendly introduction to this popular language.

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Features & Benefits

Complete solutions with documentation, code, input, and output is included at the end of each chapter and has been thoroughly run and tested.

Pointer and dynamic pointers are presented in depth with sample code and end-of-chapter complete solutions.

Input and output in C is presented with several alternate ways of data input and data output, including standard input/output and file input/output.

Provides an early introduction to modular programming concepts and functions.

Instructor’s resources include an instructor’s manual with full solutions to all review and end-of-chapter exercises.

Critical thinking questions are included throughout. Review questions at the end of each section and end-of-chapter questions are designed to enhance critical thinking. 

Applicable Courses

Appropriate for introductory courses in C programming offered within the departments of Computer Science, Engineering, Physics, and Chemistry.

1  Introduction to Computers and Programming
2  Basic Elements of the C Programming Language
3  Input and Output
4  Control Structures
5  Modular Design and Function
6  Storage Classes
7  One-Dimensional Arrays
8  Multidimensional Arrays
9  Characters and Strings
10  Pointers and Dynamic Storage
11  Structures

Rama Reddy

Carol Ziegler-University of Arkansas at Little Rock

The following instructor resources are available to qualified instructors for download

ISBN-13: 9780763739522

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Instructor Manual

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