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Human Biology Lab Manual

Author(s): Charles Welsh, LaRoche College
  • ISBN-13: 9780763738433
  • ISBN-10:0763738433
  • Spiral/paperback    217 pages      © 2006
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A perfect accompaniment to any Human Biology course, Charles Welsh's Human Biology Lab Manual boasts 18 lab exercise aimed at educating students on how the human body works.  Labs within the manual may be taught in any order, offering instructors the flexibility to cater the text to their own needs and course lengths. 



1.          The Scientific Method and The Metric System


2.          Chemistry of Cells: Macromolecules


3.          Cell Biology and Microscopy


4.          Membrane Transport: Diffusion & Osmosis


5.          Tissues: The Building Blocks of the Body


6.          Digestive System 1 : Anatomy


7.          Digestive System 2 : Physiology


8.          Cardiovascular System 1: Anatomy of the Heart and Vessels


9.          Cardiovascular System 2: Functions of the Blood, Heart, and Vessels


10.       Respiratory System


11.       Skeletal System


12.       Skeletal Musculature


13.       Nervous System 1: Brain and Spinal Cord


14.       Nervous System 2: Senses


15.       Urinary and Reproductive Systems


16.       Genetics and Heredity


17.       Human Evolution:  Taxonomy and Systematics


18.       Ecology



A. Anatomical Terminology

B. Pig and Cat Dissections


Charles Welsh-LaRoche College

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