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Quick Look Nursing: Nutrition, Second Edition

Author(s): Marian Farrell, PhD, CRNP, CRNP, CS, University of Scranton, Scranton, Pennsylvania
Jo Ann Nicoteri, MS, CRNP, CRNP, CS, University of Scranton, Scranton, Pennsylvania
  • ISBN-13: 9780763737399
  • ISBN-10:0763737399
  • Paperback    288 pages      © 2007
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Quick Look Nursing: Nutrition, Second Edition provides an in-depth discussion of clinically related topics in an integrated manner specific to nursing students and health professionals. Topics covered throughout this text include: nutrition during pregnancy, foods for reducing cholesterol and for building muscle; how nutrition can help with heart disease, diabetes, and digestive disorders; nutritional needs for cancer patients; and nutritional information across the lifespan from newborn to older adults.


The Second Edition contains these great features to help your students learn!

Closer Look – closely examines key points in greater depth

Quick Facts – highlights important tidbits and facts

Warning – alerts you to vital facts about medications, devices, and specific disorders

Questions to Ask – lists questions you should ask patients and caregivers

Questions and Answers – quizzes you with NCLEX®-style review questions and provides their answers and rationales


Ch 1 - Principles of Nutrition: What You Need to Know

Ch 2 – Pregnancy

Ch 3 – Nutrition Facts Related to Pregnancy: Carbohydrates,
          Protein and Fats
Ch 4 – Nutrition Facts Related to Pregnancy: Minerals

Ch 5 – Nutrition Facts Related to Pregnancy: Vitamins

Ch 6 – Lactation

Ch 7 – The Newborn (Birth – 4 Weeks) Part I

Ch 8 – The Newborn – Part II

Ch 9 – The Infant (1 – 12 Months)

Ch 10 – The Toddler (12 – 36 Months)
Ch 11 – The Preschooler (3 – 5 Years)

Ch 12 – The School-Aged Child (6 – 12 Years)
Ch 13 – The Adolescent (12 – 18 Years)
Ch 14 – The Young Adult (18 – 40 Years)

Ch 15 – The Middle Aged Adult (40 – 65 Years)
Ch 16 – The Older Adult (65+ Years)
Ch 17 – Cardiovascular Nutrition Therapy

Ch 18 – Nutrition for Digestive Disorders

Ch 19 – Renal and Urinary Diet Therapy

Ch 20 – Musculoskeletal Diet Therapy

Ch 21 – Nutrition Needs of Patients Who Have Diabetes Mellitus

Ch 22 – Nutritional Needs of Cancer Patients

Ch 23 – Obesity

Ch 24 – Food Safety

Ch 25 – Alcohol

Ch 26 – Fluid Balance

Ch 27 – Eating Disorders



Answers & Explanations

Appendix A

Appendix B

Appendix C

Appendix D

Appendix E

Appendix F
Appendix G

Marian Farrell, PhD, CRNP, CRNP, CS-University of Scranton, Scranton, Pennsylvania

Jo Ann Nicoteri, MS, CRNP, CRNP, CS-University of Scranton, Scranton, Pennsylvania

  • "The reading level of the book allows quick comprehension and reading ease. It attracts my attention for pleasure reading, instead of only for educational purposes. I like the "Quick Look at the Chapter Ahead". It prepares me and directs my attention toward the information in the chapter. The questions and answers at the end of the chapter are super for determining my retention of the information. I especially like the answers with rationales. Then I can learn from my mistakes."

    --Robin York
    Practical Nursing Instructor
    Lake Area Technical Institute


    “Young nurses seeking to learn the intricacies of nutrition won’t find a better resource than this text: Its crisp presentation and sharp writing make it appropriate for classroom use in courses that train both nurses and hospital dieticians on how to develop meal plans for patients”

    --John Aiello

    The Electric Review

    January/February 2007


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