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JavaServer Pages Illuminated

Author(s): Prabhakar Metlapalli, PhD, University of Maryland University College, Maryland
  • ISBN-13: 9780763735920
  • ISBN-10:0763735922
  • Paperback    531 pages      © 2008
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JavaServer Pages Illuminated is a comprehensive, student-friendly introduction to the fundamentals of JavaServer Pages technology. Students are able to create and maintain high-powered Web Sites using JSP with ease.  Written for upper-division courses in programming and web development, JavaServer Pages Illuminated is the ideal text for those interested in developing dynamic Web pages using Open-Source technology.

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Features & Benefits

Includes an extensive review of Java, HTML, and Javascript.

Numerous real-world exercises are presented after each main topic. Each includes step-by-step instructions and screen shots.

End-of-chapter exercises are ideal for homework assignments or in-class projects.

Includes a chapter on Struts and the Model-View-Controller (MVC) Architecture.

Applicable Courses

This text is ideal as a primary or secondary text in JavaServer Pages courses found within Computer Science and Information Science departments.

Chapter 1     Java Review: Methods, Classes, Objects and Package
1.0 HelloWorld
1.1 Directory Manipulation When Compiling / Running Java Programs
1.2 Mixed Arithmetic Expressions and Casting
1.3 Escape Character Sequences
1.4 Arrays
1.5 Methods
1.6 Variable Scope
1.7 Classes and Objects
1.8 Packages
1.9 Summary
1.10 Chapter Quiz

1.11 Answers to Chapter Quiz

1.12 Unsolved Assignments


Chapter 2     Java Review: Inheritance and Exceptions
2.1 Inheritance
2.2 List, ArrayList, Map, Hastable/HashMap Classes of java.util Package
2.3 Exceptions

2.4 Summary

2.5 Chapter Quiz

2.6 Answer to Quiz

2.7 Unsolved Assignments


Chapter 3     HTML and Javascript Overview
3.1 How the Internet Works
3.2 HTML Basics
3.3 HTML Tables
3.4 Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
3.5 HTML Forms
3.6 Javascript
3.7 Summary
3.8 Chapter Quiz

3.9 Answers to Quiz

3.10 Unsolved Assignments


Chapter 4     Servlets
4.1 Introducting Servlets
4.2 Installing the Tomcat Web Server
4.3 How Tomcat Worked
4.4 General URL Structure
4.5 The Context Root
4.6 The Deployment Descriptor
4.7 General Web Application Structure
4.8 Getting Plain HTML to Work Via Tomcat
4.9 Getting a Custom Servlet to Work Via Tomcat
4.10 Form Processing Using a Servlet
4.11 Summary

4.12 Chapter Quz

4.13 Answers to Quiz

4.14 Unsolved Assignments


Chapter 5     JSP Expressions, Scriptlets, Directives & Declarations
5.1 Your first JSP
5.2 JSP Elements
5.3 Implicit Objects Available in a JSP
5.4 Summary
5.5 Chapter Quiz

5.6 Answers to Quiz

5.7 Unsolved Assignments 

Chapter 6     Form Processing and Session Management Using JSPs
6.1 Form Processing Using JSP Expressions and Scriptlets
6.2 Server-Level Redirection using response.sendRedirect()
6.3 Sessions
6.4 Summary
6.5 Chapter Quiz

6.6 Answers to Quiz

6.7 Unsolved Assignments


Chapter 7     SQL, JDBC, and Writing Database-Driven JSP's
7.1 Database Overview
7.2 Structured Query Language
7.3 Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)
7.4 Writing Database-Driven JSP's
7.5 Summary
7.6 Chapter Quiz

7.7 Answers to Quiz

7.8 Unsolved Assignments


Chapter 8     Custom Tags, Tag Libraries, Action Elements and JavaBeans
8.1 The Need to Use Custom Tags
8.2 Your First Custom Tag
8.3 Action Elements and JavaBeans
8.4 Passing Attribute Values to Your Custom Tag
8.5 Summary
8.6 Chapter Quiz

8.7 Answers to Quiz

8.8 Unsolved Assignments


Chapter 9     Struts and the Model-View-Controller (MVC) Architecture
9.1 Introduction
9.2 The .do URL, Struts Config File, Action and ActionForm Classes
9.3 Seeing Struts in Action
9.4 Generalizing Struts - the Model-View-Controller (MVC) Architecture
9.5 Basic Form Validation Using Struts
9.6 Defining New Scripting Variables Using <bean:define>
9.7 Looping through a Result Set Using <logic:iterate>
9.8 Summary

9.9 Chapter Quiz

9.10 Answers to Quiz

9.11 Unsolved Assignments


A: Installing JDK
B: Setting Environment Variable
C: Operator-precedence Table
D: Book Support Site and API Documentation Links
E: Installing WinZip

F: Installing Tomcat
G: Installing and Using MySQL

H: Downloading the MySQL JDBC Driver

I:  Dowloading Struts
J: Struts Configuration File and Tag Libraries

Prabhakar Metlapalli, PhD-University of Maryland University College, Maryland

Dr. Prabhakar Metlapalli worked as an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Computer and Information Science at the University of Maryland University College in College Park, Maryland since 2002.  He currently works full-time as a Guidance and Control Engineer.  He founded in 2003 which offers numerous Java/JSP courses.  Dr. Metlapalli earned his Ph.D in Engineering from West Virginia University in 1996 and his Master of Technology from Indian Institute of Technology (I.I.T.) Kanpur, India in 1992.

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ISBN-13: 9780763735920

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