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Hunting Serial Predators, Second Edition

Author(s): G. Maurice Godwin, PhD, Godwin Trial & Forensic Consultancy, Inc.
  • ISBN-13: 9780763735104
  • ISBN-10:0763735108
  • Paperback    268 pages      © 2008
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Written by a leading expert on the subject, the Second Edition of Hunting Serial Predators describes the empirical process used to analyze serial murderers' crime scene actions, making it possible to form logical decisions about how to detect and apprehend serial killers. In this new edition, Dr. Maurice Godwin provides the reader with a model of the crime scene actions of American serial murderers based on information available to a police inquiry. This text also gives an overview of the related scientific knowledge, introduces a new method to classify the serial predator, and provides accounts of the process and difficulties of profiling the serial murderer. By presenting a classification model of serial murderers and their crime scene behaviors based on empirical and repeatable studies, this book makes significant advances in the areas of police investigations, etiology, and treatment possible. 

Features & Benefits

This text clearly explains "Investigative Process Management" a term which encompasses applications of psychology and improves investigative decision-making strategies.

Integration of statistical methods and behavioral theories helps students answer the question: “Why are some people more prone to committing crimes?”

The author was responsible for accurately profiling the DC Sniper, and has appeared on a variety of television shows including “Hardball” and “Geraldo.”

Applicable Courses

  • Criminal Profiling
  • Criminal Investigations

Designed for undergraduate or graduate level course use.

Chapter 1: Motives For Murder: What Differentiates Killers?    
Chapter 2: Reliability, Validity, and Utility of Extant Serial Murderer Classifications 
Chapter 3: A Thematic Facet Model of Serial Murder 
Chapter 4: Research
Chapter 5: Descriptive Statistics 
Chapter 6: Elements of Crime Scene Behavior  
Chapter 7: Smallest Space Analysis (SSA) of Crime Scene Behaviors 
Chapter 8: Partial Order Scalogram Analysis of Crime Scene Behaviors  
Chapter 9: Consistency in Serial Murderers and Their Crime Scene Behaviors  
Chapter 10: Modeling Crime Scene Behavior and Background Characteristics  
Chapter 11: Applications to Police Investigations  
Chapter 12: General Discussion and Conclusions

G. Maurice Godwin, PhD-Godwin Trial & Forensic Consultancy, Inc.

Dr. Godwin is the president of Godwin Trial & Forensic Consultancy, Inc. He is a former police officer in the State of North Carolina. He received his PhD from The University of Liverpool in England. He has worked as a consultant to police and attorneys in crime scene assessment, developing psychological and geographical profiles. Dr. Godwin has lectured in the United States and Europe on serial murder and criminal investigative analysis. He is the author of numerous books and academic articlese on profiling, serial murder, and crime scene investigations. Dr. Godwin is a certified board member of United States Association of Professional Investigators (USAPI). Web site: 

  • "Members of law enforcement, forensic psychologists, psychiatrists, and criminologists who consult on serial murder investigations, and attorneys who will retain or cross examine profiling experts, all need to be familiar with Dr. Godwin's very important book: Hunting Serial Predators."

    --The Journal of Psychiatry & Law (of previous edition)

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ISBN-13: 9780763735104

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