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Igneous Petrology, Third Edition

Author(s): Alexander McBirney, University of Oregon, Oregon
  • ISBN-13: 9780763734480
  • ISBN-10:0763734489
  • Hardcover    550 pages      © 2007
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The field of igneous petrology has evolved greatly in recent years. Much of the progress stems from new research techniques and tools that have developed over the past decade. Intended for the one-semester, undergraduate course, Igneous Petrology, Third Edition presents a modern integrated survey of the geological, mineralogical, and chemical relations of igneous rock. It illustrates how modern geochemical and geophysical methods can be combined with field relations to understand the generational and compositional evolution of magmas.

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Features & Benefits

Broad Scope - Concentrates on such topics as geochemistry and petrology while incorporating the important areas of field relations, geophysics, and volcanology.

Igneous Petrology, Third Edition is the first book of its kind to introduce and discuss the results of the study of other planets, mainly Mars.

Discusses the recent methods used to measure the flux of crustal material from the seafloor back to the continents via subduction and calc-alkaline volcanism.

Applicable Courses

This text is intended for a one-term course for students who already have an elementary background in petrography and petrology and assumes a basic knowledge of mineralogy, structural geology, and college-level chemistry, physics, and mathematics.


1.   The Earth and Its Magmatism
2.   Magmas and Igneous Rocks
3.   Crystal-Liquid Relations
4.   Igneous Minerals and Their Textures
5.   Magmatic Differentiation:  Mechanisms and Effects
6.   Magmatic Differentiation:  Basic Intrusions
7.   Basalts and Magma Series
8.   Oceanic Magmatism and Flood Basalts
9.   Magmatism at Convergent Plate Boundaries
10.  Granitic Plutons and Siliceous Ignimbrites
11.  Magmatism of the Continental Interiors

Alexander McBirney-University of Oregon, Oregon

Alex McBirney is an emeritus professor at the University of Oregon where he taught geology for more than thirty years.  A graduate of West Point and the University of California at Berkeley, he worked for many years in the volcanic regions of Central America, the Galapagos Islands, Tahiti, and the Cascades.  In 1970, he began a detailed study of Skaergaard Intrusion of East Greenland and has continued to work on it since his retirement in 1995.  Alex lives in Eugene, Oregon, together with his wife Carmen, his children, and a growing number of grandchildren. 

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Click here to access free software from Dr. A. Boudreau of the Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth Sciences at Duke University. 
PELE, a version of the silicate liquid crystallization MELTS software program for the PC platform.
IRIDIUM, a program to model melt infiltration and reaction
PALLADIUM, a program to model ore metal migration in a solidifying compacting and degassing crystal pile.


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