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The Respiratory Therapist's Legal Answer Book

Author(s): Anthony L. DeWitt, RRT, CRT, JD, FAARC, Attorney At Law
  • ISBN-13: 9780763734404
  • ISBN-10:0763734403
  • Hardcover    501 pages      © 2006
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Each day a new law or regulation affects the way respiratory therapists perform their jobs. This basic legal guide contains the extensive information respiratory therapists need to know about the court system, lawyers, law, and litigation. Written by Tony DeWitt, a lawyer and therapist with 13 years of clinical experience ranging from floor-therapy to administrative and management functions, this book combines the author's knowledge of the complex interactions in the legal system and how the legal system relates to therapy delivered at the bedside.

An excellent resource for students and professionals, The Respiratory Therapist's Legal Answer Book presents 16 areas of the law, including medical negligence, hospital law and employment law. This user-friendly text also contains a series of questions and answers about the subject areas of the law, and provides extensive guidance for therapists navigating the treacherous currents of ever-changing laws. This is a must-have book for anyone who treats respiratory therapy patients or manages therapists.

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Most legal texts are written either by non-lawyers or non-therapists. Non-lawyers do not understand the complex interactions in the legal system, and are not permitted to give advice. Non-therapists may understand the law very well, but be unable to relate to how therapy is delivered at the bedside. This book is written by a therapist who is a lawyer, and who has been at the bedside. With thirteen years of clinical experience ranging from floor-therapy to administration and management functions, the author understands how a hospital works. The result is a book that is useful both as a course-book and as a reference.

Features & Benefits

Presentation of material is straightforward

Examples in the book can be modified for discussion

Key areas of the book (such as the chapter on malpractice) are vital to all therapists

Text will be retained by students as a reference after courses because it has utility as a reference book as well

Applicable Courses

Legal Aspects of Respiratory Care

Ethical Aspects of Respiratory Care

Chapter 1 – The Courts and The Law – Essentials You Need To Know
Chapter 2 – The Essential Guide To Patient’s Rights
Chapter 3 – What Every Therapist Needs To Know About Contracts
Chapter 4 – Essential Employee Rights in Contracts and Benefits
Chapter 5 – Essential Employee Rights Granted By Federal and State Law
Chapter 6 – Essentials of Employment Law for Managers  
Chapter 7 – Essentials of Tort Law
Chapter 8 Essential Malpractice Law: Consequences of Medical Error  
Chapter 9 – What Every Therapist Should Know About Risk Management  
Chapter 10 – Protecting Yourself and Your Employer
Chapter 11 -- Business Law – Protecting Your Own Business
Chapter 12 -- The Civil Law – Protecting Yourself and Family
Chapter 13 – Surviving Litigation  
Chapter 14 – Criminal Law for Therapists
Chapter 15 – Finding Legal Representation
Chapter 16 – The Ethical Rules of Health Care

Anthony L. DeWitt, RRT, CRT, JD, FAARC-Attorney At Law

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  • "In today's litigious society, this is an indispensable must-have book for every respiratory therapist and college/university respiratory care program. I am unaware of any recent or recently revised books like this, so I hope the author keeps this book current with future revisions."


    Steven J. Hamick, BIS, RRT, AE-C
    William Beaumont Hospitals
    Doody Enterprises, Inc.
    January 2006



    "The book provides in-depth looks at patient’s rights, contract and employment issues, tort, malpractice, liability and civil law to protect yourself and your family. A respiratory therapist, legal columnist and attorney, DeWitt explains the stages of litigation, what to look for when selecting an attorney, depositions, testimony and how to survive litigation.

    Of particular interest to all of us are the chapters which discuss employment law, benefits and contract law. If you are not sure whether something happening in your workplace is right, this book not only explains what the law says, but outlines and explains the steps and processes that a complaint or action will go through to be resolved."

    Margaret Clark, MS, RN, RRT-NPS
    ADVANCE for Respiratory Care Practitioners
    October 2005

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