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Healthcare Outcomes Management: Strategies for Planning and Evaluation

Author(s): Dale J. Block, MD, CPE, President, Block Medical Consulting, LLC, Gainesville, Florida, Family Physician, Nature Coast Family Health Center, Williston, Florida
  • ISBN-13: 9780763733896
  • ISBN-10:076373389X
  • Paperback    265 pages      © 2006
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Healthcare Outcomes Management: Strategies for Planning and Evaluation explores the critical assessment of healthcare outcomes management and planning using the "biopsychosocial approach" -- an integrated approach to managing patients within the healthcare delivery system that is based on principles of science and scientific inquiry. The book focuses on the processes of healthcare evaluation, which seek to analyze healthcare interventions available to healthcare consumers in terms of four principle dimensions:  effectiveness, efficiency, humanity, and equity.  

Careful attention to the basic principles of epidemiology, healthcare economics, medical ethics, population medicine, medical informatics and environmental health have also been included in the book to increase the reader’s appreciation for the applied medical sciences and their applications to the delivery of healthcare services at the point of care.  This text is ideal for graduate courses in Health Care Outcomes Management.

Features & Benefits

Special attention has been made to include a number of different measuring methodologies, their strengths and weaknesses as they apply to healthcare outcomes management and planning

The biopsychosocial model is more complete and addresses the changes in patient’s rights and the swing to a consumerist model of healthcare delivery

Now more than ever, with an aging population and an increasing reliance on technology, patients and clinicians need to partner together in order to have a better understanding of which healthcare interventions will enhance the patient’s overall health, functionality and quality of life

Chapter 1: Introduction to Healthcare Outcomes Management and Planning
Chapter 2: Quality Improvement in Health Care - Donabedian’s Principles of Quality Improvement
Chapter 3: Health Care Delivery in the 21st Century – A Report from the Institute of Medicine
Chapter 4: Systems Approach to Healthcare Outcomes Management and Planning
Chapter 5: The Biomedical Point of View
Chapter 6: The Biopsychosocial Point of View
Chapter 7: Applied Healthcare Outcomes Management - A Primer on Epidemiology Healthcare Evaluation Design
Chapter 8: Measuring Patient Satisfaction
Chapter 9: Measuring Cost-Effectiveness
Chapter 10: Measuring Equity
Chapter 11: Population-based Medicine in Healthcare Outcomes Management and Planning
Chapter 12: Environmental Health and Outcomes Management and Planning

Dale J. Block, MD, CPE-President, Block Medical Consulting, LLC, Gainesville, Florida, Family Physician, Nature Coast Family Health Center, Williston, Florida

Dale J. Block, MD, CPE, has been a licensed, practicing physician for 17 years. Board certified in Family Practice and Medical Management, Dr. Block has achieved success in private practice, academia, corporate medicine, and in the health insurance industry. As the President of Block Medical Consulting, PC, Dr. Block provides expert medical consultation in a number of health care related areas to empower employees, employers, providers, payers, and other health care professionals to succeed in their ability to navigate through the dynamic world of health care delivery today and in the future. 

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