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FOOTBALL Rising to the Challenge: The Transition from College to Pro

Author(s): Geoffrey R. Scott, JD, LLM, The Penn State Dickinson School of Law, Pennsylvania
  • ISBN-13: 9780763733766
  • ISBN-10:0763733768
  • Paperback    366 pages      © 2006
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You've given your football players a playbook for the season...
Now give them a guide book for their professional careers

This book will help your athletes learn to expect certain challenges and to overcome them. It includes advice on financial career aspects; agent issues; mental and emotional preparation; dealing with the media; balancing personal goals with team interests; and endorsement deals. This volume has forty-seven original essays written by more than thirty-five well-known professional athletes, college and professional coaches, NFL team and league administrators, agents, lawyers and others who have experience in the field. See the contributors!

Original Essays from People Who Know the Industry:

  • Joe Paterno, Head Coach, Penn State University
  • Ernie Accorsi, GM, New York Giants
  • Marvin Lewis, Head Coach, Cincinnati Bengals
  • Champ Bailey, DB, Denver Broncos
  • Darrell Green, former DB, Washington Redskins

Features & Benefits

FOOTBALL: Rising to the Challenge has solid advice and insight from players who have been there and other individuals who have worked with pro-athletes along their path to the NFL. This guide will help  your athletes learn how to handle typical situations and how to avoid bad decisions. Topics include:

  • Handling the media
  • Dealing mentally and emotionally
  • Balancing personal goals with team interests
  • Preparing for the NFL Combine
  • The process of player selection by an NFL team
  • The differences between the collegiate and professional game
  • The business of professional football

1: Rising to the Professional Level
Put It into Perspective
Joe Paterno, Head Football Coach, Penn State University
Prepare a Plan for Success
Pat Croce, Co-Owner and former President, Philadelphia 76ers
2: The Business of Professional Football
The Influence of Antitrust and Labor Law on Professional Football
Geoffrey Scott, Attorney and Professor of Law, Penn State University
The NFL Players Association
Doug Allen, Assistant Executive Director, NFLPA
Dealing with the Financial Aspects of a Career in Football
Geoffrey Scott, Attorney and Professor of Law, Penn State University and Jerry Harris, Attorney and Registered NFLPA Contract Advisor
3: Representation: Sports Agents and Financial Advisors
Relationships Determine Results
Pat Croce, Co-Owner and former President, Philadelphia 76ers
The Need for Professional Representation
Ernie Accorsi, General Manager, New York Giants
Strategies for Selecting an Agent
Ron Shapiro, Attorney/Sports Agent
Make Your Agent Earn Your Trust
George Young, former Vice President, NFL, and former General Manager, New York Giants
Representing Players on the Fringe: An Agent’s Perspective
Kevin Gold, Attorney and Certified NFLPA Contract Advisor
Strategies Agents Employ and Selecting the Representative Best for You
Aaron Collins, Linebacker, Arizona Cardinals and Saskatchewan Roughriders (CFL)
4: The Road Ahead: Moving from College to the Professional Level
From Penn State to the Indianapolis Colts: A Matter of Setting Goals
Brad Scioli, Defensive Tackle, Indianapolis Colts
Choices in the Final Collegiate Season and Survival in the Pros
Stephen Alexander, Tight End, Denver Broncos
Mental and Emotional Preparation: A Realistic View of Talent, Perseverance, and Turning Defeat into Victory
Aaron Collins, Linebacker, Arizona Cardinals and Saskatchewan Roughriders (CFL)
The NFL Combine: What Is It and How Important Is It?
George Young, former Vice President, NFL, and former General Manager, New York Giants
Justin Skaggs, Wide Receiver, Washington Redskins, San Francisco 49ers, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Take Advantage of Every Opportunity, Particularly by Getting an Education
Sam Shade, Safety, Washington Redskins and Cincinnati Bengals
5: Preparing for the Transition to the Professional Level
The Performance Coach: What He Can Do to Improve Your Game and Your Chances
Geoffrey Scott, Attorney and Professor of Law, Penn State University
Be Realistic About Your Talents and Be Humble
Chris Samuels, Offensive Tackle, Washington Redskins
Be a Man
Darrell Green, Defensive Back, Washington Redskins
Be Humble and Take Time to Learn
Danny Wuerffel, Quarterback, Washington Redskins, and Heisman Trophy Winner
6: The Players and the Team: Formulas for Success
What a Team Looks for in Scouting and Selecting Players
Ernie Accorsi, General Manager, New York Giants
Evaluating a Player: Social and Mental Skills Are Important
Marvin Lewis, Head Coach, Cincinnati Bengals
Form Good Relationships with Coaches and Trainers
Rick Burkholder, Head Athletic Trainer, Philadelphia Eagles
Significant Differences Between College and Professional Football and How To Make the Transition
Kirk Olivadotti, Defensive Assistant, Washington Redskins
Money Concerns and Selecting Representation
Tom Olivadotti, Linebacker Coach, Houston Texans
Dealing with the Media
George Young, former Vice President, NFL, and former General Manager, New York Giants
7: The Professional Game: The Big Picture
Kick It Straight Down the Field: The Challenges in Professional Football
Brett Conway, Placekicker, Minnesota Vikings, Cleveland Browns, Washington Redskins, New York Jets, and Green Bay Packers
My Journey to the NFL
LaVar Arrington, Linebacker, Washington Redskins
Be Prepared the Day You Walk into Minicamp
Sage Rosenfel, Quarterback, Miami Dolphins and Washington Redskins
The Intellectual Challenges: Understand Your Body, Your Mind, and Your Spirit
Bruce Smith, Defensive End, Washington Redskins and Buffalo Bills
Learning Skills Are Indispensable: Develop Them Early
Fred Smoot, Defensive Back, Minnesota Vikings and Washington Redskins
Football Is More Than Physical: Study Hard and Learn the Mental Game
Kevin Mitchell, Linebacker, Washington Redskins, New Orleans Saints, and San Francisco 49ers
Every Day Is a Learning Experience: Be Like a Sponge
Rod Gardner, Wide Receiver, Washington Redskins
Give 110% Every Day
Kenny Watson, Running Back, Cincinnati Bengals and Washington Redskins
Manage Your Life Responsibly and Surround Yourself with Good People
Champ Bailey, Defensive Back, Denver Broncos and Washington Redskins
Quietly Learn from the Experience of Others
Corey Raymer, Center, Washington Redskins and San Diego Chargers
Football is a Business: Balancing Personal Goals with Team Interests
Patrick Ramsey, Quarterback, Washington Redskins
This Is a Business: Views of a Player from a Small School
Darnerien McCants, Wide Receiver, Washington Redskins
I Love Football, But It’s a Business
Stephen Davis, Running Back, Carolina Panthers
The Speed of the Game: Professional Football Is Fast: Get Ready for It
Michael Westbrook, Wide Receiver, Cincinnati Bengals and Washington Redskins
The Key: Preparation Before Performance
Michael Bates, Running Back, Dallas Cowboys, Carolina Panthers, Washington Redskins, Cleveland Browns, and Seattle Seahawks, and former Olympic Sprinter
8: A Business of Football: Player Endorsements and the Structure of the Deal
Intellectual Property and Professional Sports: A Primer
Geoffrey R. Scott, Attorney and Professor of Law, Penn State University
FEET FIRST: The Anatomy of an Athletic Shoe Endorsement Deal
Gary D. Way, Legal Counsel, Nike, Inc.
9: The Challenges of a Career in Football: Life During and After Football
From College to the Pros and Beyond
Andre Collins, Linebacker, Washington Redskins, Cincinnati Bengals, Chicago Bears, and Detroit Lions
10: The Canadian Football League
The CFL: The Opportunities and the Challenges
Aaron Collins, Linebacker, Arizona Cardinals, Saskatchewan Roughriders, and Edmonton Eskimos
The Differences Between the NFL and the Canadian Game
Winston October, Wide Receiver and Kickoff Returner, Edmonton Eskimos and Montreal Alouettes
A Canadian Player’s Perspectives on the CFL and American Players
Randy Srochenski, Linebacker, Toronto Argonauts, Saskatchewan Roughriders, and Regina Rams

Geoffrey R. Scott, JD, LLM-The Penn State Dickinson School of Law, Pennsylvania

Geoffrey R. Scott, JD, LLM, is an esteemed Professor of Law at the Penn State Dickinson School of Law. As the founder and Director of the Art, Sports and Entertainment Law clinic at Penn State, he is an authority on athlete concerns in the professional sport industry. He has also written and lectured frequently about legal issues facing today's professional athletes.