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Cancer Source Book for Nurses, Eighth Edition

Author(s): American Cancer Society (ACS)
  • ISBN-13: 9780763732769
  • ISBN-10:0763732761
  • Paperback    580 pages      © 2004
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A Cancer Source Book for Nurses, 8/e, is intended primarily for nurses in every practice setting who are involved with providing care for the more than ten million cancer survivors, individuals with cancer, and those at risk for cancer. The book covers the most common cancers and strategies for nursing care and is an excellent resource for nursing students, nurse generalists, and nurses who find themselves providing care to individuals with cancer but may not consider themselves oncology nurse specialists.

Nursing faculty find this text extremely helpful when developing cancer content for undergraduate curricula. Several new chapters have been added, including chapters on sexuality, alternative therapies, vascular access devices, clinical trials, and special populations; other chapters have been revised extensively to reflect current knowledge and trends, and include how to manage symptoms, the latest on cancer prevention and detection; childhood cancers, and survivorship issues. Chapters on the most common cancers include information on incidence, risk factors, early detection, diagnostic evaluation and staging, treatment, prognosis, side effects and long-term sequelae, and nursing considerations.

Unit 1: Introduction to Cancer Nursing

Unit 2: Overview of Cancer

Chapter 1: The Biology of Cancer

Chapter 2: Epidemiology of Cancer

Chapter 3: Cancer Screening, Early Detection, Risk Reduction, and Genetic Counseling

Chapter 4: Culturally Competent Care

Chapter 5: Complementary and Alternative Medical (CAM) Approaches to Management of Cancer and Symptoms

Unit 3: Treatment Approaches

Chapter 6: Surgical Oncology

Chapter 7: Chemotherapy

Chapter 8: Radiation Therapy

Chapter 9: Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation

Chapter 10: Biologic Therapy

Unit 4: Cancer Sites

Chapter 11: Breast Cancer

Chapter 12: Colorectal Cancer

Chapter 13: Prostate Cancer

Chapter 14: Lung Cancer

Chapter 15: Cancer in Children and Adolescents

Chapter 16: Cancer of Unknown Primary Sites

Chapter 17: Leukemia

Chapter 18: Lymphomas

Chapter 19: Genitourinary Cancers

Chapter 20: Gynecologic Malignancies

Chapter 21: Other Cancers

Unit 5: Introduction to the Experience and Management of Symptoms

Chapter 22: Myelosuppression

Chapter 23: Cancer Pain

Chapter 24: Gastrointestinal Symptoms

Chapter 25: Fatigue

Chapter 26: Sleep Problems

Chapter 27: Anxiety and Depression in the Oncology Setting

Chapter 28: Respiratory/Dyspnea

Chapter 29: Cognitive Impairment

Chapter 30: Anorexia and Weight Loss

Chapter 31: Skin and Hair Changes

Chapter 32: Oncologic Emergencies

Chapter 33: Sexuality

Chapter 34: Pediatric Symptoms and Responses

Unit 6: Cancer Care Continuum

Chapter 35: Psychosocial-Spiritual Responses to Cancer and Treatment

Chapter 36: Cancer Survivorship

Chapter 37: End of Life

American Cancer Society (ACS)

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