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Artificial Intelligence Illuminated

Author(s): Ben Coppin
  • ISBN-13: 9780763732301
  • ISBN-10:0763732303
  • Paperback    740 pages      © 2004
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Artificial Intelligence Illuminated presents an overview of the background and history of artificial intelligence, emphasizing its importance in today’s society and potential for the future. The book covers a range of AI techniques, algorithms, and methodologies, including game playing, intelligent agents, machine learning, genetic algorithms, and Artificial Life. Material is presented in a lively and accessible manner and the author focuses on explaining how AI techniques relate to and are derived from natural systems, such as the human brain and evolution, and explaining how the artificial equivalents are used in the real world. Each chapter includes student exercises and review questions, and a detailed glossary at the end of the book defines important terms and concepts highlighted throughout the text.

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Features & Benefits

The most current text available, this book includes material on the most current methodologies and applications, illustrated with modern examples and problems. 

Presents material in a clear, student-friendly manner. The book relates key concepts to real world processes and methods, and explains relationships between AI techniques and mechanisms in nature or in the human brain.

Explores how Artificial Intelligence is applied in the real world, and gives pertinent and interesting examples to enable students to relate more readily to the material. For example, in the chapter on game playing, the book will include information about recent progress in chess playing computers and the latest score between humans and computers in this field.

Illustrated with pseudocode examples to help make the algorithms more accessible to today’s students. In all cases, no more than a basic knowledge of specific programming languages is assumed, but rather an understanding of the kinds of techniques used in programming languages.

Part 1: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Chapter 1: A Brief History of AI

Chapter 2: Artificial Intelligence: Uses and Limitations
Chapter 3: Knowledge Representation

Part 2: Search

Chapter 4: Search Methodologies

Chapter 5: Advanced Search

Chapter 6: Game Playing

Part 3: Logic

Chapter 7: Propositional and Predicate Logic 

Chapter 8: Inference and Resolution for Problem Solving

Chapter 9: Rules and Expert Systems 

Part 4: Machine Learning

Chapter 10: Introduction to Machine Learning

Chapter 11: Neural Networks
Chapter 12: Probabilistic Reasoning and Bayesian Belief Networks
Chapter 13: Artificial Life: Learning through Emergent Behavior 
Chapter 14: Genetic Algorithms

Part 5: Planning

Chapter 15: Introduction to Planning

Chapter 16: Planning Methods

Part 6: Advanced Topics

Chapter 17: Advanced Knowledge Representation

Chapter 18: Fuzzy Reasoning

Chapter 19: Intelligent Agents

Chapter 20: Understanding Language

Chapter 21: Machine Vision




Ben Coppin

Ben Coppin has a first class honors degree in Computer Science from Cambridge University. In 1999 he co-founded Envisional, a software company that uses Artificial Intelligence techniques to provide online brand monitoring services for companies.

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ISBN-13: 9780763732301

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