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Pediatric Nutrition Support

Author(s): Susan S. Baker, MD, PhD, State University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo, New York
Robert D. Baker, MD, PhD, State University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo, New York
Anne M. Davis, PhD, RD, Executive Director of Scientific Affairs, Martek Biosciences Corporation, Columbia, Maryland
  • ISBN-13: 9780763731540
  • ISBN-10:0763731544
  • Paperback    612 pages      © 2007
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Pediatric Nutrition Support is a comprehensive, state-of-the-art resource for all dietitians, nurses, physicians, and pharmacists involved in pediatric care. This reference provides thorough coverage of the latest developments and techniques in enteral and parenteral feeding and evaluation methods. Cases detailing specific pediatric disease conditions offer concrete examples of nutrition support processes and make this a must-have resource.

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This practical reference examines the many nutrition support issues when working with children such as:

     Long-term consequences of early nutrition
     Ethical and quality of life issues
     Economics of nutrition support
     Energy metabolism and appropriate energy repletion in children
     Regulatory aspects of infant formulas and medical foods in the United States

Chapter 1: An Overview of Growth Standards and Indicators and Their Interpretation
Cutberto Garza and Mercedes de Onis

Chapter 2: Gastrointestinal Development
Ronald E. Kleinman and Daniel S. Kamin

Chapter 3: Mucosal Immunity
Sue J. Rhee, Pearay L. Ogra, and W. Allan Walker

Chapter 4: Long Term Consequences of Early Nutrition
Alan Lucas

Chapter 5: Anthropometric Evaluation
Kristy Hendricks

Chapter 6: Energy Metabolism and Appropriate Energy Repletion in Children
Walter J. Chwals

Chapter 7: Laboratory Assessment
Nancy Nevin-Folino and Robin LeBeouf-Aufdenkampe

Chapter 8: Dietary Reference Intakes in Pediatric Care
Virginia A. Stallings

Chapter 9: Decision Making in Pediatric Nutrition Support
Aida Miles

Chapter 10: What is Pediatric Nutrition Support?
Maria R. Mascarenhas and Lori Enriquez

Chapter 11: Appetite Regulation in Health and Disease
Lee A. Denson

Chapter 12: Feeding and Swallowing Issues Relevant to Pediatric Nutrition Support
Joan C. Arvedson and Colin D. Rudolph

Chapter 13: Dietary Supplements
Christina J. Valentine

Chapter 14: Drug-Nutrient Interactions: Considerations for Nutrition Support
Beverly W. Henry

Chapter 15: Regulatory Aspects of Infant Formulas and Medical Foods in the United States
Sue Ann Anderson

Chapter 16: Physiological Effects of Parenteral Nutrition
Mai Kamal El Mallah and Kathleen J. Motil

Chapter 17: Ethical and Quality of Life Issues
Beth L. Leonberg

Chapter 18: Economics of Nutrition Support
Jacqueline Jones Wessel

Chapter 19: Home Nutrition Support
Jay A. Perman and Anjali Malkani

Chapter 20: Enteral Nutrition Tube Feeding
Valérie Marchand

Chapter 21: Transitional and Combination Feeding
Anne M. Davis

Chapter 22: Parenteral Nutrition Indications, Administration, and Monitoring
Robert J. Shulman and Sarah Phillips

Chapter 23: Parenteral Fluids and Electrolytes
Matthew P. Thomas and John N. Udall, Jr.

Chapter 24: Macronutrients
Susan S. Baker and Robert D. Baker

Chapter 25: Minerals, Trace Elements, and Vitamins, Enteral and Parenteral
Jatinder Bhatia, Amy Gates, and Robert D. Baker

Chapter 26: Central Venous Catheters in Parenteral Nutrition
H. Biemann Othersen, Jr., Joshua B. Glenn, Katherine Hammond Chessman, and Edward P. Tagge

Chapter 27: Pharmacy Considerations in Pediatric Parenteral Nutrition
I-Fen Chang, Thuy Anh Sorof, and Ngoc Yen Thi Nguyen

Chapter 28: Nutrition Support for Children with Developmental Disabilities
Shirley Ekvall and Valli Ekvall

Chapter 29: Nutrition Support for Pediatric Burns and Critical Care
Theresa Mayes and Michele M. Gottschlich

Chapter 30: Nutrition Support of the Premature Infant
Frank R. Greer

Chapter 31: Nutrition Suppot for Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Robert M. Issenman and Tracy Hussey

Chapter 32: Nutrition Support for Renal Disease
Nancy Spinozzi

Chapter 33: Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition Therapy in Inherited Metabolic Disease
Steven Yannicelli and Kathryn Camp

Chapter 34: Oncology and Stem Cell Transplantation
Lori J. Bechard and Tara C. McCarthy

Chapter 35: Nutrition Support fot Cystic Fibrosis
Nancy Ann Garrison, Chris Coburn-Miller, and Robert D. Baker

Chapter 36: Nutrition Support in Children with Liver Disease
Renee A. Wieman and William F. Balistreri

Chapter 37: Short Bowel
Valeria C. Cohran and Samuel A. Kocoshis

Susan S. Baker, MD, PhD-State University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo, New York

Robert D. Baker, MD, PhD-State University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo, New York

Anne M. Davis, PhD, RD-Executive Director of Scientific Affairs, Martek Biosciences Corporation, Columbia, Maryland

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