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Prison and Jail Administration: Practice and Theory, Second Edition

Author(s): Peter M. Carlson, DPA, Christopher Newport University
Judith Simon Garrett, JD, Federal Bureau of Prisons
  • ISBN-13: 9780763728625
  • ISBN-10:0763728624
  • Paperback    583 pages      © 2008
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Prison and Jail Administration: Practice and Theory, Second Edition has been revised and updated, covering everything from organizational structure and management accountability to food service, personnel corruption, and the impact of technology in penal institutions. Essential reading for students in correctional administration courses, the text includes chapters contributed by over sixty leading academics and practitioners. The Second Edition provides students with a unique balance of practice and theory. Suggested readings, learning objectives, discussion questions, and a glossary help students gain an in-depth understanding of the material.

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Key topics include:

  • History of incarceration and punishment
  • Correctional models in the United States
  • Prison and jail diversity and governance
  • Functional, organizational, management, and staff issues
  • Special categories of inmates and associated programs
  • Emergency management for common and rare situations
  • Legal and social issues related to correctional philosophy and practice

Applicable Courses

  • Institutional Corrections
  • Prison and Jail Administration

Part I: Corrections Past and Present
Chapter 1: History of Corrections
Peter M. Carlson, Tom Roth, and Anthony P. Travisono
Chapter 2: American Jails
Arthur Wallenstein and Ken Kerle
Chapter 3: Prison Architecture
Robert S. George
Chapter 4: Developing Technology
Peter M. Carlson and Sonya D. Thompson
Part II: Institutional and Departmental Responsibilities
Chapter 5: Custody and Security
Michael B. Cooksey
Chapter 6: Inmate Classification
Peter M. Carlson
Chapter 7: Education and Vocational Training
Harold David Jenkins
Chapter 8: Recreation
Harold L. Kahler
Chapter 9: Health Care
Robert R. Thompson
Chapter 10: Mental Health
Sally C. Johnson
Chapter 11: Religious Programming
Susan M. Van Baalen
Chapter 12: Intake, Discharge, Mail, and Documentation
Jeffrey W. Frazier
Chapter 13: Food Service
Lavinia B. Johnson
Chapter 14: Financial Operations
Beverly Pierce
Chapter 15: Working with the Media
Judith Simon Garrett
Chapter 16: Community Relations Boards
Paul McAlister
Chapter 17: Political Involvement
Judith Simon Garrett
Part III: Staff Management
Chapter 18: Organization and Management
Peter M. Carlson and John J. DiIulio, Jr.
Chapter 19: Leadership: Executive Excellence
Harley G. Lappin
Chapter 20: Governing: Personnel Management
Robert L. Wright
Chapter 21: A Day in the Life of a Warden
James A. Meko
Chapter 22: Diversity of Correctional Officers
Peter M. Carlson
Chapter 23: Labor Relations
Michael H. Jaime and Armand R. Burruel
Chapter 24: Preventing Corruption
Sam S. Souryal
Chapter 25: Sexual Misconduct
Anadora Moss
Chapter 26: Volunteering
Richard L. Stalder
Part IV: Inmate Management and Programming
Chapter 27: Disciplinary Procedures
Clair A. Cripe
Chapter 28: Grievance Procedures
Lisa Hutchinson Wallace, Kevin I. Minor, and James Stephen Parson
Chapter 29: Protective Custody
Kevin I. Minor, Lisa Hutchinson Wallace, and James Stephen Parson
Chapter 30: Suicide
Daniel W. Phillips, III
Chapter 31: The Death Penalty
Julie C. Eng
Chapter 32: Gang Management
Mark S. Fleisher
Chapter 33: Special Needs Offenders
Judy C. Anderson
Chapter 34: Sex Offenders
Gilbert L. Ingram and Peter M. Carlson
Chapter 35: Visitation
Reginald A. Wilkinson and Tessa Unwin
Chapter 36: Prison Work and Industry
Steve Schwalb, Robert C. Grieser, and J.C. Keeney
Chapter 37: Drug Treatment
James A. Inciardi, James E. Rivers, and Duane C. McBride
Chapter 38: Prisoner Access to the Courts
Kenneth C. Haas
Chapter 39: Compliance with the Constitution
Judith Simon Garrett and Christine D. Salmon
Chapter 40: Rehabilitation
James Austin
Chapter 41: Reentry
Peter M. Carlson and Lior Gideon
Part V: Emergency Preparedness
Chapter 42: Causes of Institutional Unrest
John J. Armstrong
Chapter 43: Emergency Management
E.A. Stepp
Chapter 44: Hostage Situations
Gothriel "Fred" LaFleur, Louis Stender, and Jim Lyons
Chapter 45: Use of Force
Marie L. Griffin and John R. Hepburn
Part VI: Creating the Future
Chapter 46: The Future of Sentencing
Julius Debro
Chapter 47: Growth of the Private Sector
Douglas C. McDonald
Chapter 48: Corrections in the 21st Century
Martin F. Horn

Peter M. Carlson, DPA-Christopher Newport University

Peter M. Carlson is an Associate Professor in the Department of Government at Christopher Newport University, Newport, News, Virginia. He is retired from a 30-year career with the U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP), where he served as the Assistant Director of the Agency, Regional Director of the Western Region, and Warden of three federal prisons. He received his BA degree from Willamette University in Salem, Oregon, and an MS in education from Western Oregon University. He also earned a master's degree and doctorate degree in public administration from the University of Southern California.

Additional Titles by this Author

Judith Simon Garrett, JD-Federal Bureau of Prisons

Judith Simon Garrett is the Deputy Assistant Director in the Information, Policy, and Public Affairs Division of the Federal Bureau of Prisons. She oversees the offices of Legislative Affairs, Public Affairs, Research and Evaluation, and Policy and Information Management. She has a law degree from Washington University in St. Louis and a bachelor's degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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