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Programming and Problem Solving with Ada 95, Second Edition

Author(s): Nell Dale, PhD, University of Texas, Austin
Chip Weems, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
John W. McCormick, University of Northern Iowa, Iowa
  • ISBN-13: 9780763707927
  • ISBN-10:0763707929
  • Paperback    960 pages      © 2000
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Programming and Problem Solving with Ada 95 provides a solid introduction to programming while introducing the capabilities of Ada 95 and its syntax without overwhelming the student. The book focuses on the development of good programming habits. This text offers superior pedagogy that has long defined computer science education, including problem solving case studies, testing and debugging sections, quick checks, exam preparation, programming warm-up exercises, and programming problems. The extensive coverage of material in such a student-friendly resource means that more rigor, more theory, greater use of abstraction and modeling, and the earlier application of software engineering principles can be employed.

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Features & Benefits

The text provides an early introduction to procedures and packages.
Exercises such as Quick Check, Exams Preparation, and Programming Warm-up develop students' understanding of the material.
Extensive coverage of testing and debugging strategies.
Four kinds of special sections: Theoretical Foundations, Software Engineering Tips, Matter of Style, and Background Information.

Applicable Courses

  • CS1/C101 
  • Introduction to Programming in Ada 95 
  • Programming in Ada 95

Section 1: Overview of Programming and Problem Solving
Section 2: Ada Syntax, Semantics, and the Program Development Process
Section 3: Input and Design Methodology
Section 4: Boolean and Enumeration Types, Conditions, and Selection Control Structures
Section 5: Looping
Section 6: Subprograms
Section 7: Types and Subtypes
Section 8: Additional Control Structures
Section 9: The File Data Type and Handling Exceptions
Section 10: Records
Section 11: Arrays
Section 12: Packages, Searching, and Sorting
Section 13: Recursion

Answer to Selected Exercises

Nell Dale, PhD-University of Texas, Austin

Nell Dale received a B.S. in Mathematics and Psychology from the University of Houston, a M.A. in Mathematics, from the University of Texas at Austin, and a Ph.D. in Computer Sciences from the University of Texas at Austin. Nell Dale has been on the faculty at the University of Texas, Austin since 1975. She teaches occasionally but concentrates on computer science education, writing, traveling, tennis, and bridge -- and her family of course.

Chip Weems-University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Chip Weems is an Associate Professor of computer science at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He received his Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Oregon State University in 1977 and 1979, respectively. He received a Ph.D. from the University of Massachusetts in 1984. Over the last 23 years, he has taught courses in introductory programming, software engineering, computer architecture, and parallel processing. Since 1986 he has co-authored 13 textbooks that have helped over a million students learn to program computers. His books have been translated into French, Spanish, and Russian. He conducts research in computer architecture, compilers, parallel processing, and compiler-architecture co-optimization.

John W. McCormick-University of Northern Iowa, Iowa

John C. McCormick, University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls

John McCormick is a Computer Science Professor at the University of Northern Iowa. He earned his Ph.D. at the University of California, Los Angeles. Books he has co-authored include Programming and Problem Solving with Ada 95 Second Edition and Ada Plus Data Structures: An Object-Based Approach.

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