The ISSA Series

Information Systems Security & Assurance

The ISSA Series provides the Information Security and Technology professionals of tomorrow with practical and engaging academic content from today’s industry experts. Designed for traditional or online classrooms, this turn-key curriculum solution combines print and digital textbooks with virtual machine lab exercises and comprehensive instructor resources to create an unmatched educational experience for instructors and students alike.

The ISSA Series

Featured Titles

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  • Python Programming in Context

    • Python 3.8

      Completely updated with the most recent version of Python

    • Reading & Processing Examples

      New approaches for accessing online data in CSV and JSON formats

    Miller 3e
    • Active Learning Approach

      Using real world projects to drive consumption of the material

    • Full Set of Instructor Resources

      Chapter Exercises, a Test Bank, and PowerPoint Slides make implementation easier than ever

  • Elementary Information Security

    • Moving Past the “How To”

      Security issues are presented through business-oriented case studies to make cybersecurity technology and problem-solving interesting, relevant, and approachable

    • Current Cryptographic Discussions

      Content containing modern cipher modes, roles of elliptic curve cryptography, TLS vs. SSL, and quantum concepts

    Easttom, 3e
    • Available with Cybersecurity Cloud Labs

      Cybersecurity Cloud Labs and Case Studies from the ISSA Series

    • Full Set of Instructor Resources

      A complete set of PowerPoint Slides, a Test Bank, and an Instructor’s Manual are available for download

  • Security Strategies in Windows
    Platforms and Applications

    • Windows 10 and Server 2019

      An emphasis is placed on Windows 10, and Windows Server 2016 and 2019, providing the most current content

    • Hardening Tactics

      Describes in detail up-to-date hardening tactics for Microsoft Windows operating systems and applications

    Solomon 3e
    • Cybersecurity Cloud Labs

      Cybersecurity Cloud Labs provide 30 hours of Time on Task across 10 comprehensive labs

    • Full Set of Instructor Resources

      Test Bank, PowerPoint Slides, Image Bank, Certification Mappings, and a full set of Lab Instructor Resources.