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Advisory Council

Working Together to Prepare Tomorrow’s Cybersecurity Workforce and Educators

Within our increasingly digital world, the need for cybersecurity is crucial to protecting the critical data and information of individuals and organizations. Yet there is a huge gap between available cybersecurity jobs and qualified individuals who can combat bad actors. Unless more professionals start training and teaching cybersecurity to the next generation, an estimated 3.5 million positions could go unfilled. And the education and training needed for those cybersecurity professionals is constantly changing as the tactics employed by cybercriminals evolve.

That’s why we’re forming the Cybersecurity Advisory Council to bring together key stakeholders who are critical to educating, training, and hiring the cybersecurity and information technology professionals of the future. From educators to training providers, future employers to policy makers, we’re creating a platform for industry partners to share their insights and perspectives on current industry trends, market dynamics, and the future of cybersecurity.

By building this community, we strive to best prepare students for a career in cybersecurity and information technology and ensure they have the technical and soft skills that employers need to keep their assets safe.

Key Benefits to Joining

  • Develop relationships with educators, hiring managers, thought leaders and policy makers in the cybersecurity training space to improve your student performance or pool of talent
  • Learn from, inform, and advise fellow members on current trends and challenges you’re tackling in cybersecurity and IT education, training, and hiring
  • Discuss and establish industry standards for cybersecurity education professionals, and how students can best meet these standards as they enter the workforce
  • Collect feedback or use the group as a sounding board on any new curriculum changes, product offerings, or other initiatives you may be rolling out at your organization

What We'll Need From You:

  • Biannual Virtual Meetings, with the potential to gather in-person on an annual basis when conditions allow
  • Outside of the semiannual meetings, additional time as needed to serve as advisor per each individual’s area of expertise as they relate to diving in further on key objectives

Contact Us About Your Interest in Joining the Advisory Council