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VitalSource® Bookshelf®

VitalSource® Bookshelf® VitalSource is the most advanced e-textbook platform in the world. Students get three-way access to their books: full-book download, online, and mobile. Notes and highlights automatically stay in sync — no matter where they are made.

Desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone — Bookshelf downloads files to the student's device or lets them access them online. So, students can study at home, on their laptop, at school on a campus machine, or on a smartphone on the train. Bookshelf keeps everything in sync and at their fingertips.

No other e-textbook platform gives students that freedom and flexibility.

Students can access books when they need them — whether they brought their laptop or not.

Delivering digital content to 3 million users on 6000 campuses in 180 countries, VitalSource® Bookshelf® is the preferred and most used e-textbook platform in higher education today.

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Steps to Purchasing a VitalSource® Bookshelf® Edition:

  1. Locate the available title at
  2. Look for the VitalSource® Bookshelf® icon and click "Purchase from website"
  3. Users will be redirected to to complete their purchase.
  4. For technical support, returns information or to learn more, visit