The Tarascon Pediatric Outpatient Pocketbook is always in my coat pocket. As a new nurse practitioner, I reference it often and feel more confident with my clinical decisions after a quick flip through the pages. Difficult content is neatly organized and illustrated in easy to understand tables, diagrams and mnemonics. It is the most accurate, complete, quick reference for clinicians who care for the outpatient pediatric population.

- Soraida Valencia, PNP-AC

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Recent advances in technology have changed the pace and breadth of information covered in classrooms across the world. Today, instructors teach more in less time, while students are learning faster than ever. As education transforms, Jones & Bartlett Learning is there to help instructors and students take advantage of engaging, accessible, and effective digital learning solutions that improve learning outcomes.

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Navigate is a fully hosted and supported online learning solution delivered in the Moodle™ Course Delivery System. Navigate component modules can also be configured for locally hosted learning management systems such as Blackboard, Desire2Learn, and others.

Your job is teaching your students. Our job is to make sure you are well-trained to use our online learning solutions. For this reason, we’ve created Instructor and Student Navigate support videos at www.jblnavigate.com/support.

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