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Microsoft Office 2010: Productivity Strategies for Today and Tomorrow

Author(s): Jean Kotsiovos, MA
Carolyne Faddis, MS
Loralyn Duley, MS
  • ISBN-13: 9781449698218
  • Product With Access Code    612 pages      © 2014
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A Straightforward Introductory Text Ideal for Busy Students

Clear, concise, and accessible, Microsoft Office 2010: Productivity Strategies for Today and Tomorrow™ walks learners through the functions and features of the Microsoft Office 2010 platform and its applications. With straightforward explanations designed for a non-technical audience, Microsoft Office 2010 is the perfect text for students looking to broaden their computer skills for an increasingly competitive job market. Hands-on projects, end-of-chapter exercises, and emphasis on real-world skills throughout ensure students will be prepared to enter the twenty-first-century workplace.

Easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions include practical examples ideally suited for busy students. The text’s inspiring and supportive approach will encourage learners to develop polished, professional-level projects. Engaging examples and projects prompt students to immediately apply new skills, increasing retention and promoting learning. Straightforward exercises teach students to create work-related documents, reports, and presentations. Microsoft Office 2010: Productivity Strategies for Today and Tomorrow is an ideal text for students re-entering the job market, new to computers, uncomfortable with technology, or simply looking to transition to a more challenging and rewarding career.

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Features & Benefits

  • Written by veteran educators with decades of experience explaining technical subjects to non-technical readers in a myriad of online and in-class courses.
  • Attractive, student-friendly magazine style format.
  • Provides a project-based introduction to Microsoft Office 2010 with easy to follow step-by-step instructions for completing the real-life projects and hands-on exercises.
  • Clear concise language make objectives easy to learn, even for non-technical users.
  • Screenshots accompany all hands-on exercises and provide visual assistance in completing the task.
  • Ideal for in-class or online learning, the text provides the necessary details for students to complete each task without being in an actual classroom.
  • Includes full student access to the companion website featuring a variety of engaging and interactive study tools including video tutorials.
  • Instructor resources include PowerPoint Lecture Outlines, answers to the end-of-chapter questions, examples of completed exercises for each chapter, and  a complete Test Bank.

Applicable Courses

Microsoft Office 2010: Productivity Strategies for Today and Tomorrow is intended for an Intro to Computers/Software Applications course and can be found in the computer science, business, or information technology department.

Chapter  1  Microsoft Office Fundamentals
Chapter  2  Create Documents Using Microsoft Word 2010
Chapter  3  Enhance a Microsoft Word Document
Chapter  4  Create Presentations Using Microsoft PowerPoint
Chapter  5  Modify Presentations Using Microsoft PowerPoint
Chapter  6  Create Workbooks Using Microsoft Excel
Chapter  7  Create Formulas, Charts, and Tables
Chapter  8  Create Databases Using Microsoft Access
Chapter  9  Create Forms, Queries, and Reports
Chapter  10  Integrate Projects using Microsoft Office Applications

Jean Kotsiovos, MA

Jean Kotsiovos is currently pursuing her PhD in Business Administration with a concentration in Applied Computer Science. She earned a master’s degree in Education and a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration – Information and Decision Sciences. She started her career as a computer programmer/analyst.

Jean decided to share her passion for computers as an adjunct instructor in the evenings. It was then that she realized that education was her passion and quickly moved to the higher education field. Since then Jean has worked in various positions in higher education as an instructor, program coordinator, department chair, and assistant dean. Jean has served as a contributing author and technical editor. She has extensive experience in curriculum development, instructional design, and program development.  Additionally, she has experience designing and presenting technology training programs. She resides in Illinois with her husband, two children, and her dog.  She enjoys traveling and spending time with her family.

Carolyne Faddis, MS

Carolyne Faddis is an Assistant Professor at Northwestern College. She earned a master’s degree in Education and a bachelor’s degree in Business Education. Carolyne began her teaching career at the high school level where she taught business courses for over ten years. She retired from teaching at the high school level to raise a family. During this time, she was manager of her husband’s law office, and it was there that her interest in computer technology began. When her oldest son entered college, she returned to higher education at Northwestern College as an instructor and has held various positions as a program coordinator, online instructor, and currently an assistant instructor. She resides in Illinois with her husband. Her three sons and families live nearby. She enjoys spending time with her family and four young grandchildren.

Loralyn Duley, MS

Loralyn Duley earned a master’s degree in Higher Education with an emphasis on teaching and learning. She also holds a bachelor of Science degree in Speech Communications. Lora began as an adjunct instructor for computer classes.

The urge for adventure and a giving spirit led Lora to Juneau, Alaska to work a year as an AmeriCorps Vista, where one of her responsibilities was managing the website. In order to complete those tasks she studied web design at the University of Alaska. That experience sparked and cultivated an interest in design and adult learning theory. Her talent and experience come together in this project. Lora has extensive experience in teaching, instructional design and curriculum development. Lora resides in Illinois. She enjoys volunteering and travel.

  • "The collaborative work of Microsoft Office experts Jean Kotsiovos, Varoylne Faddis, and Loralyn Duley, "Microsoft Office 2010: Productivity Strategies For Today And Tomorrow" is a 612 page compendium. This thoroughly comprehensive instruction manual will enable the non-specialist general readers to become rapidly proficient in the use and application of Microsoft Office 2010 software. "Microsoft Office 2010: Productivity Strategies For Today And Tomorrow" offers thoroughly 'user friendly' instructions for each featured project and task; offers practical learning exercises after each instruction; features screenshots to accompany hands-on exercises; has its text laid out in an accessible magazine-style format, and a great deal more. Ideal for use as a classroom textbook or for independent on-the-job training, "Microsoft Office 2010: Productivity Strategies For Today And Tomorrow" should be considered mandatory reading for anyone seeking to take full advantage of what Microsoft Office 2010 has to offer in the workplace."

    - James A. Cox
    The Midwest Book Review

The following instructor resources are available to qualified instructors for download

ISBN-13: 9781449698218

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