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Brief Calculus for the Business, Social, and Life Sciences, Third Edition

Author(s): Bill Armstrong, Lakeland Community College
Don Davis, Lakeland Community College
  • ISBN-13: 9781449695163
  • Product With Access Code    834 pages      © 2014
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A Comprehensive, User-Friendly Calculus Text for Non-Math Majors

Designed for economics, business, or social or behavioral science majors in a one- or two-term course, Brief Calculus for the Business, Social, and Life Sciences presents mathematics in a clear and accessible language. Engaging, real-world examples and real data applications make calculus relevant, and the easy-to-read conversational style of the text evokes the one-on-one communication of a personalized tutorial session without sacrificing depth of coverage or intellectual rigor. The revised and updated Third Edition of this popular text includes a new, four-step problem-solving method that allows students to independently find solutions to a broad spectrum of problem sets.

Rich in pedagogical features, this text includes comprehensive exercise sets, chapter openers that outline key concepts for each chapter, and Flashback features that revisit and reinforce content from previous chapters. The Third Edition contains all-new exercises, updated real-world data for modeling applications, and Section Objectives that provide students with a clear understanding of learning goals for each section. The text is packaged with a full ancillary suite of instructor resources, including a test bank, lecture outlines in PowerPoint format, WebAssign, and a Complete Solutions Manual; additional student resources include a Student Solutions Manual and access to the student companion website. Brief Calculus for the Business, Social, and Life Sciences is a comprehensive, student-friendly text that will gently push students to new levels of independent problem-solving.

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Features & Benefits

Key features of the new Third Edition include:

  • Optional highlighted Technology Option sections that point out how solutions can be found using a graphing calculator
  • From Your Toolbox feature that reinforces previously introduced material
  • Real data applications, fully revised and updated for the Third Edition, that keep problems relevant and interesting
  • Comprehensive exercise sets, including Concept and Writing Exercises, Vocabulary Exercises, and Application Exercises
  • Clearly defined four-step problem-solving method new to the Third Edition
  • User-friendly, conversational approach that mimics the style of an individualized tutorial session
  • Chapter Openers and Section Objectives that clearly outline key concepts for each chapter and section
  • Section Projects that encourage further study, reflection, and independent research
  • A full suite of ancillary student and instructor resources

Applicable Courses

Brief Calculus for the Business, Social, and Life Sciences is intended for a one-term or two-term course for undergraduate students majoring in economics, business, social or behavioral sciences,

Chapter  1  Functions, Modeling and Average Rate of Change
Chapter  2  Limits and Derivatives
Chapter  3  Differentiation Techniques, the Differential, and Marginal Analysis
Chapter  4  Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
Chapter  5  Applications of the Derivative
Chapter  6  Integration
Chapter  7  Applications of the Integral
Chapter  8  Calculus of Several Variables

Bill Armstrong-Lakeland Community College

Don Davis-Lakeland Community College

Free with Text

Student Companion Website to accompany Brief Calculus for the Business, Social, and Life Sciences, Third Edition

ISBN-13: 9781449695064

The following instructor resources are available to qualified instructors for download

ISBN-13: 9781449695163

Instructor's Solutions Manual
Slides in PowerPoint Format
Test Bank

Student Solutions Manual to accompany Brief Calculus for the Business, Social, and Life Sciences, Third Edition

ISBN-13: 9781284040104

Student Solution Manual to accompany Brief Calculus for the Business, Social and Life Sciences, written by Mike McCraith and checked for accuracy by the authors, is an electronic resource that contains solutions to all of the odd numbered section and review exercises from the text.