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Economics of Health and Medical Care, Sixth Edition

Author(s): Lanis Hicks, PhD
  • ISBN-13: 9781449665395
  • Product With Access Code    602 pages      © 2014
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The Economics of Health and Medical Care is an introduction to population-based health economics as well as the traditional, market-oriented approach to health care economics. The book examines economics through the lens of descriptive, explanatory, and evaluative economics.

The Sixth Edition is an extensive revision that refines its approach to evaluative economics by focusing on the tools and methods used to inform decision making, with a particular emphasis on determining alternative approaches to addressing a problem, issue, or decision and comparing the relative benefits and costs of those approaches.

The Sixth Edition also offers:

  • Expanded material on health insurance, to incorporate more theory regarding insurance markets and also on the substantial implications that insurance has for efficiency in the health care industry.
  • New coverage of health care reform and its impact on different sectors of the economy and on different individuals in the system.
  • New coverage of other changes in health policy such as the implications of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act
New to This Edition   
    Chapter  1  Output of the Health Care Sector
    Chapter  2  Economic Dimensions of the Health Care System
    Chapter  3  Demand for Medical Care: A Simple Model
    Chapter  4  Additional Topics in the Demand for Health and Medical Care
    Chapter  5  Health Care Production and Costs
    Chapter  6  Behavior of Supply
    Chapter  7  Provider Payment
    Chapter  8  Competitive Markets
    Chapter  9  Market Power in Health Care
    Chapter  10  Health Insurance
    Chapter  11  The Labor Market
    Chapter  12  Economic Evaluation of Health Services
    Chapter  13  Value Judgments and Economic Evaluation
    Chapter  14  Financing Health Care
    Chapter  15  Public Health Insurance
    Chapter  16  Reform of the Health Care Market
    Chapter  17  Regulation and Antitrust Policy in Health Care
    Chapter  18  Evolving Issues in Health Care
  Appendix  A  Glossary of Health Economics Terms
  Appendix  B  Answers to Odd-Numbered Questions

Lanis Hicks, PhD


Lanis L. Hicks, PhD, Professor and Associate Chair in the Department of Health Management and Informatics, University of Missouri, School of Medicine, is a health economist. Her research interests are rural health, workforce requirements, and economic evaluations. She has focused on evaluating the cost-effectiveness of technologies in the delivery of health care, evaluating the economic impact of health care policies, and been involved with a multi-disciplinary team identifying and evaluating measures of quality in nursing homes and the relationship between cost and quality. Currently, she is Principle Investigator and Director of the Missouri Health Information Technology Assistance Center, which provides assistance to health care professionals and hospitals to enable them to adopt, implement, and achieve meaningful use of electronic health records. She has been on faculty at the University of Missouri since 1978. In recognition of her contributions, Dr. Hicks was the recipient of the 1999 National Rural Health Association's Distinguished Researcher award.

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ISBN-13: 9781449665395

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