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The Health Care Manager's Human Resources Handbook, Second Edition

Author(s): Charles R. McConnell, MBA, CM, Human Resource and Editorial Consultant, Ontario, New York
  • ISBN-13: 9781449657390
  • Paperback    425 pages      © 2013
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This unique book about human resource (HR) management is written for health care department managers who must relate to and work with their HR departments and manage their personnel. An expert with 18 years of experience in human resources management, author Charles R. McConnell describes what the function of the HR department can do for you, and shows how to get the most value out of an organization's HR department. For each topic addressed, the book provides: background; the HR department's responsibilities; where and how HR interfaces with the line management; the HR responsibilities of the manager; and how the manager can get the best from the HR function.

The Second Edition brings the book up to date by addressing the following changes in the field:

  • Pressure on HR to operate with fewer staff;
  • Tendency toward decentralization for certain HR activities;
  • Impact of organizational flattening and mergers and acquisitions.
  • Newer laws and changes to existing laws that impact recruiting and Interviewing, as well as  documentation, termination, legal action, and unions
What's New to This Edition?  
  Part  1  Human Resources and the Organizational Environment
    Chapter  1  From Employment Office to Human Resources
    Chapter  2  How Human Resources Fits into the Health Care Organization
    Chapter  3  The Legal Framework of Present-Day Human Resources
  Part  II  The Health Care Manager Meets Human Resources
    Chapter  4  Human Resources and the Health Care Manager
    Chapter  5  The Manager-Employee Relationship
  Part  III  Obtaining Employees
    Chapter  6  The Manager and the Recruiting Process
    Chapter  7  How to Conduct a Legal—but Effective—Selection Interview
  Part  IV  Employee Relations and the Manager
    Chapter  8  Directions in Employee Relations
    Chapter  9  The Health Care Manager and Employee Problems
    Chapter  10  Performance Appraisal: The Never-Ending Task
    Chapter  11  Performance Appraisal: The Never-Ending Task
    Chapter  12  Employee Documentation: Shoulds and Should-Nots for the Manager
    Chapter  13  Terminating Employees: Minimizing the Legal Risks
    Chapter  14  See You in Court: Involvement in Legal Action
  Part  5  Other Human Resources Concerns
    Chapter  15  Avoiding—or Dealing with—a Union
    Chapter  16  The Manager's Role in Employee Training
    Chapter  17  Iceberg Tips: Compensation, Benefits, and Other Concerns
    Chapter  18  Keeping Human Resources on Its Toes
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Charles R. McConnell, MBA, CM-Human Resource and Editorial Consultant, Ontario, New York

Charles R. McConnell started his professional career in industrial and management engineering, followed by 29 years in human resources management in the healthcare industry. During those years he served as a human resources manager for affiliated organizations of a multi-facility healthcare system based in Rochester, New York, and earlier as a senior consultant with the Management and Planning Services division of the Hospital Association of New York State. He currently is an independent human resources and editorial consultant who has published more than 20 books and numerous articles, and serves as editor of a quarterly professional journal. He holds a BS in engineering and an MBA from the State University of New York at Buffalo, and has served as adjunct faculty at several colleges.

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ISBN-13: 9781449657390

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