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Plants and People

Author(s): James D. Mauseth, PhD, University of Texas, Austin
  • ISBN-13: 9781449657178
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Plants play a role in the environment, in food, beverage, and drug production, as well as human health. Written for the introductory, non-science major course, Plants and People outlines the practical, economical, and environmental aspects of plants' interaction with humans and the earth. Mauseth provides comprehensive coverage of plants in the environment --global warming, deforestation, biogeography -- as well as the role plants play in food, fiber, and medicine.

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Written for the introductory, non-science majors course:

•Plants and People
•Plants and Society
•Introduction to Botany
•Non-majors Botany

  Chapter  1  Introduction
Section  1  Plants Themselves
  Chapter  2  Whole plants: Introduction to plant bodies, growth forms and life spans
  Chapter  3  Cells, tissues and organs: The microscopic components of plant structure
  Chapter  4  Basic metabolism, translocation of water and mineral nutrition
  Chapter  5  Energy metabolism: Photosynthesis and respiration
  Chapter  6  Genes Environment and Development
  Chapter  7  Sexual and asexual reproduction: Gametes, spores and reproductive organs
  Chapter  8  Genetics: Transferring information from generation to generation
  Chapter  9  Adapting to changing environments: Evolution, diversification and systematics
Section  2  Plants, People, and the Biosphere
  Chapter  10  Plant biogeography: The distribution of plants on drifting, changing continents
  Chapter  11  Climate change: The roles of people, plants and carbon dioxide
  Chapter  12  Agriculture and the biosphere
Section  3  Economic Botany
  Chapter  13  Food plants: Plants that make our lives possible
  Chapter  14  Spices and herbs: Plants that make eating fun
  Chapter  15  Plants as sources of medicines, drugs and psychoactive compounds
  Chapter  16  Fibers, wood, and chemicals: Plants that clothe and house us
  Chapter  17  Ornamental plants: Plants that refresh us
  Chapter  18  Algae and fungi: Close (and not-so-close) relatives of plants

James D. Mauseth, PhD-University of Texas, Austin

James Mauseth
The University of Texas at Austin, Section of Integrative Biology

B.S., University of Washington at Seattle, 1970   
Ph.D., University of Washington at Seattle, 1975

Research in his lab centers on evolution of morphogenic mechanisms and structure. They use cacti as model organisms because the family contains a great amount of structural/developmental diversity and because the cactus genus Pekeskia retains numerous relictual characters. Plants of Pereskia have hard woody stems and ordinary large leaves. From ancestors like this, morphogenic mechanisms have evolved into ones capable of controlling the differentiation of various types of highly modified wood, unusual types of cortex that have leaf-like features, and apical meristems that minimize the number of mitoses necessary to produce large plants. Because each evolutionary line in the family has undergone particular types of modification of the morphogenic mechanism, they can compare different types of differentiation of a particular tissue, each type controlled by homologous morphogenic mechanisms.

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