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American Corrections, Second Edition
Theory, Research, Policy, and Practice

Author(s): Matt DeLisi, PhD, Professor, Iowa State University
Peter J. Conis, PhD, Professor Sociology and Criminal Justice, Des Moines Area Community College
  • ISBN-13: 9781449652388
  • Product With Access Code    554 pages      © 2013
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New edition available March 2018

Drs. DeLisi and Conis provide their unparalleled research expertise/productivity and nearly 40 years of combined criminal justice practitioner experience to make American Corrections: Theory, Research, Policy, and Practice, Second Edition the ideal introductory text for the corrections course. They use a straightforward writing style that is scholarly, engaging, and fun. Updated throughout, it contains both classic and cutting-edge contemporary data on correctional topics drawing from the fields of criminology, criminal justice, sociology, psychology, government, and public policy.

The text is broken down into four parts, starting with an overview of the correctional system, including the history and philosophy of corrections. It progresses to discuss the management of offender risk and covers the ways in which the correctional system classifies offenders according to the risks they exemplify. Part III delves into the prison system and includes discussions on the journey of prisoners, from prison, to parole, and reentry into society. This comprehensive introduction concludes with an examination of the special populations within the correctional system,  including juveniles, women, and those sentenced to capital punishment and civil commitment.

Every new copy of the text includes full student access to the accompanying student companion website featuring a variety of interactive study tools.

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Features & Benefits

  • Now available in paperback!
  • Revised to be more sociologically-focused, this Second Edition includes boxes throughout highlighting the effects on community.
  • Provides an increased focus on gender, race, and immigration issues.
  • Contains more content discussing the philosophy of corrections, encouraging your students to see the big-picture and think critically of the subject.
  • Every new copy includes an access code to the accompanying student companion website featuring a variety of interactive study aids.

Exciting new content in the Second Edition:

  • New section on the correctional system and American society
  • New section on the fiscal costs of the correctional system and ways that correctional policies can save costs while reducing crime
  • New section on historical developments in corrections
  • New section on juveniles and the life imprisonment without parole sanction
  • Expanded correctional case law
  • New section on teen courts
  • New section on federal pretrial services
  • New section on crisis intervention teams
  • New section on cognitive behavioral therapy
  • New section on mental health probation
  • New section on effective correctional policies
  • New section on back-end sentencing and parole
  • New section on law enforcement reentry initiatives and reentry courts
  • New section on Graham v. Florida (2010)
  • New section on juvenile drug courts
  • Expanded discussion on women and reentry
  • New discussion on clemency and elected executions
  • Updated box features including 13 new box features
  • Thoroughly updated correctional data
  • Thoroughly updated literature with more than 300 new references

Applicable Courses

American Corrections: Theory, Research, Policy, and Practice, Second Edition is appropriate for any corrections course in criminal justice, criminology, forensics, and police science programs.

Part  I  The Foundation of Corrections
  Chapter  1  Corrections and Its Place in the Criminal Justice System
  Chapter  2  The Philosophy and History of Corrections
  Chapter  3  The Law and Corrections
Part  II  Corrections: The Management of Offender Risk
  Chapter  4  Sentencing and Offender Classification
  Chapter  5  The Pretrial Period and Jails
  Chapter  6  Diversion, Pretrial Treatment, and Prevention
  Chapter  7  Intermediate Sanctions
  Chapter  8  Probation
Part  III  Prison and Offender Reentry
  Chapter  9  Prisoners and Inmate Behavior
  Chapter  10  Prison Organization, Management, and Programs
  Chapter  11  Parole
  Chapter  12  Reentry
Part  IV  Special Topics in Corrections
  Chapter  13  Juvenile Corrections
  Chapter  14  Women and Corrections
  Chapter  15  Capital Punishment and Civil Commitment

Matt DeLisi, PhD-Professor, Iowa State University

Matt DeLisi, Ph.D. is Professor and Coordinator of Criminal Justice Studies and Affiliate with the Center for the Study of Violence at Iowa State University. Professor DeLisi is one of the most prolific and highly-cited criminologists in the world and is the author of nearly 400 scholarly publications mostly in the areas of pathological criminality, psychopathy, self-control, offender/inmate behavior, corrections, and the genetics of antisocial behavior. In 2012, Dr. DeLisi received the prestigious Fellow Award from the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. He has provided expert services and consulted on capital murder and multiple-homicide offender cases in multiple federal and state jurisdictions. Professor DeLisi has provided testimony to the United States Senate Judiciary Committee and consulted on criminal justice policy to a variety of federal stakeholders including the United States Attorney General, United States Probation and Pretrial Services, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and others.

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Peter J. Conis, PhD-Professor Sociology and Criminal Justice, Des Moines Area Community College

Peter J. Conis, Ph.D. is Professor in the Department of Sociology at Des Moines Area Community College. Academia is his second career. Previously, Dr. Conis was the Program Director for the S.T.O.P.  Violence Against Women project at the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA). In this capacity, he served as a member of the Lt. Governor's S.T.O.P. Violence Against Women Coordinating Council, the S.T.O.P. Violence Against Women Grant Review committee, the Iowa Domestic Abuse Death Review Team, the Dependent Adult Abuse Conference Steering committee, the Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault Grant Review committee, the Healthy Iowans 2010 Team, and as the committee director for the S.T.O.P. Violence Against Women Annual Conference. Before joining the ILEA staff, Dr. Conis served 22 years as a law enforcement officer working both rural and urban jurisdictions in Iowa and one year as an investigator for the Story County Prosecuting Attorney's Office.

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