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Understanding Organized Crime, Second Edition

Author(s): Stephen L. Mallory, PhD, The University of Mississippi
  • ISBN-13: 9781449648046
  • Product With Access Code    306 pages      © 2012
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Today, the world is facing an increasing impact from established organized crime, emerging transnational organized crime, and gangs that requires an understanding of who and what these organizations are and how they achieve their goals. Updated to include new and relevant research and statistics, Understanding Organized Crime, Second Edition provides students with a better understanding of how and why these criminal groups continue to dominate the world of crime and what law enforcement must do to address this threat.

Written by a leading expert in the field and based on his experience and academic research, Understanding Organized Crime, Second Edition is a comprehensive introduction to the subject and includes coverage of the types of organized crime, definitions of organized crime, why it continues to exist, and how it has evolved throughout history. Material covered includes the structure and hierarchy of each organization, their methods of operation, and the techniques and laws used by law enforcement to address the dynamic nature of domestic and transnational organized crime. Using the author’s unique approach to the topic, students will learn about organized crime through the eyes of the criminal investigator, and how law-enforcement practitioners today are counteracting these criminal organizations.

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Offer students a contemporary look into the world of organized crime with an up-to-date examination of the recent capture of noted Irish mob boss, Whitey Bulger.  Learn more about this electronic supplement.

Features & Benefits

  • Revised and updated to include new and relevant research, statistics, and case studies to help students understand the true nature of organized crime and the players involved.
  • Chapter 5 (Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations) has been updated to include the most recent information on new alliances and wars over territories and smuggling routes between established cartels and emerging organizations in Mexico.
  • A new chapter, The Nexus of Transnational Organized Crime and Terrorism, addresses the increasing connections between terrorist groups and transnational organized crime, including new challenges facing governments and law enforcement in identifying and prosecuting these cooperative networks.
  • Provides information outlining the new age of piracy that has resulted in the creation of task forces that focus on areas around the Gulf of Aden off the coast of Somalia.
  • Additional and updated information is now included in the chapters on the Russian Mafia, the Italian-American Mafia, the Yakuza, and Outlaw Bikers.
  • Every new copy of this textbook includes an access code to the companion website. The access code will unlock a variety of interactive study tools designed specifically to accompany this text.

Applicable Courses

This text is designed for courses on Organized Crime and Special Topics courses.

Chapter  1  An Introduction to Organized Crime
Chapter  2   Evolution of Organized Crime and the Impact on Investigative Strategies and Law Enforcement
Chapter  3  Theories on the Continued Existence of Organized Crime
Chapter  4  Colombian Drug Cartels
Chapter  5  Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations
Chapter  6  The Russian Mafia
Chapter  7  The Italian-American Mafia
Chapter  8  The Yakuza
Chapter  9  Triads and Tongs
Chapter  10  American Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs
Chapter  11  Hispanic and African-American Gangs
Chapter  12  Major Statutes, Legislation, and Methods of Organized Crime Investigations
Chapter  13  The Intelligence Function in Organized Crime
Chapter  14  The Nexus of Transnational Organized Crime and Terrorism
Chapter  15  Where Do We Go From Here?

Stephen L. Mallory, PhD-The University of Mississippi

Dr. Mallory is a 25 year veteran of law enforcement with the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics (MBN) and served 12 years as a special agent with Organized Crime Task Forces.  He was assigned both to the DEA and FBI offices in Jackson, MS.  A graduate of the ten week Drug Enforcement Academy and the Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy, Dr. Mallory has extensive law enforcement training including seminars and schools.  In addition to his formal education Dr. Mallory retired from MBN as Deputy Director and has now completed over 15 years in academia. He served as Chair of the Department of Criminal Justice at the University of Southern Mississippi and is now Chair of the Department of Legal Studies at the University of Mississippi. Dr. Mallory is a professional consultant and has served as expert witness in both state and federal court and is currently the vice chair of Mississippi Law Enforcement Standards and Training Board.

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