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Human Body Systems, Second Edition
Structure, Function, and Environment

Author(s): Daniel D. Chiras, Director, The Evergreen Institute, Center for Green Building and Renewable Energy
  • ISBN-13: 9781449647933
  • Paperback    176 pages      © 2013
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Human Body Systems: Structure, Function, and Environment is an informative primer that focuses on the organ systems within the human body, and their part in health and disease. Focusing primarily on the organ systems that comprise the body, readers will learn the main parts of each system and how they operate, as well as what happens when things go wrong

An ideal supplement to any Human Biology, A & P, or Microbiology course, it covers:

  • Nutrition
  • Digestion
  • Circulation and Blood
  • Immunity
  • Respiration
  • Senses
  • Urinary System
  • Nervous System
  • Skeletal and Muscular Systems
  • Endocrine and Reproductive Systems

The text closes with a brief discussion of ecology and environmental issues that affect the way humans live and interact with the world around them.

Applicable Courses

The ideal companion text for any human biology, anatomy and physiology, or microbiology course.

  Module 1  Introduction to Structure and Function
  Module 2  Nutrition
  Module 3  The Digestive System
  Module 4  The Circulatory System
  Module 5  The Blood
  Module 6  The Immune System
  Module 7  The Respiratory System
  Module 8  The Urinary System
  Module 9  The Nervous System
  Module 10  The Senses
  Module 11  The Skeletal System
  Module 12  The Muscular System
  Module 13  The Endocrine System
  Module 14  The Male Reproductive System
  Module 15  The Female Reproductive System
  Module 16  Principles of Ecology
  Module 17  Environmental Issues: Population, Pollution, and Resources
  Biological Roots
  Appendix A  The Metric System
  Appendix B  Periodic Table of Elements

Daniel D. Chiras-Director, The Evergreen Institute, Center for Green Building and Renewable Energy

Dan Chiras, Ph.D. is world-renown educator and author of 30 books on environmental science, natural resource conservation, sustainability, renewable energy, environmental education, and green building.  He has taught at the University of Colorado at Denver, University of Denver, University of Colorado in Boulder, University of Washington, and Colorado College. Dan has done pioneering work on critical thinking, sustainability, and the root causes of the environmental crisis. He has been involved in environmental issues since the 1970s.  Dr. Chiras is currently founder and director of The Evergreen Institute where he teaches classes on residential renewable energy and green building. Dr. Chiras lives in a state of the art green-built, solar- and wind-powered net zero energy home in Gerald, Missouri.

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