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Case Studies for Understanding the Human Body, Second Edition

Author(s): Stanton Braude, Washington University in St. Louis and The International Center for Tropical Ecology
Deena Goran, John Burroughs School and the University College of Washington University
Alexander Miceli
  • ISBN-13: 9781449604998
  • Paperback    196 pages      © 2012
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Completely revised and expanded, the second edition of Case Studies for Understanding the Human Body is the ideal resource for students enrolled in any Anatomy and Physiology or Human Biology Course. The case studies work well in a cooperative learning setting where students work together to review and solve open-ended questions associated with each case.  The exercises are also perfect for individual homework assignments. The discussions cover common diseases of all major organ systems and present related topics that are often part of course discussion. New topics for the second edition include new chapters on the digestive, respiratory, and nervous system, as well as new chapters on the senses. Students will benefit from the real-world case studies discussed in the text and develop communication and critical thinking skills they will use throughout their lives.

New Chapter topics of the Second Edition:

  • Chapter 6, Elephant man and the Lymphatic System
  • Chapter 10, Digestive System - Case discussing Jimi Hendrix
  • Chapter 11, Digestive System - Case discussing Karen Carpenter and Anorexia
  • Chapter 13, Circulatory System - Case discussing Temple of Doom and Cardiac Electrical Function
  • Chapter 16, Respiratory System - Case discussing Broken Arrow and Trachea
  • Chapter 22, Nervous System - Case discussing High noon and Reflexes
  • Chapter 23, Nervous System - Case discussing Papillon
  • Chapter 24, Nervous System - Case discussing Senatory Kennedy and the Brain
  • Chapter 25, Neuromuscular - Case discussing Botox
  • Chapter 28, Senses - Case discussing Ben Franklin's Bifocals
  • Chapter 29, Senses - Case discussingn Chocolate and Taste
  • Chaper 30, Senses - Case discussing Chateau Lafite and Olfaction

Features & Benefits

  • Each exercise begins with a brief narrative that personalizes the patient.
  • Questions following each case are designed to lead the student through key points of the exercise and help them retain the important information discussed.
  • Many cases end with Integrative Challenge Questions to get students thinking about interactions between different body systems.

Applicable Courses

Written as a useful resource and study aide for those students enrolled in an Anatomy and Physiology or Human Biology course.

Chapter  1  Water and Osmosis
Chapter  2  Osmosis and Diffusion
Chapter  3  Basic Biochemistry
Chapter  4  Enzymes
Chapter  5  Cells and Organelles
Chapter  6  Elephant Man and the Lymphatic System
Chapter  7  Skin and the Integument
Chapter  8  Digestive System and Thanksgiving
Chapter  9  Digestive System – Liver and Gallbladder
Chapter  10  Digestive System – Jimi Hendrix
Chapter  11  Digestive System – Karen Carpenter and Anorexia
Chapter  12  Circulatory System – Aunt May's Heart Attack
Chapter  13  Circulatory System – Temple of Doom and Cardiac Electrical Function
Chapter  14  Circulatory System – Blood and Capillary Exchange
Chapter  15  Respiratory System – High Altitudes
Chapter  16  Respiratory System – Broken Arrow and Trachea
Chapter  17  Respiratory System – Mrs. Robinson and Smoking
Chapter  18  Renal System and ADH
Chapter  19  Urinary System
Chapter  20  Nervous System – Action Potential
Chapter  21  Nervous System – Autonomic Nervous System
Chapter  22  Nervous System – High Noon and Reflexes
Chapter  23  Nervous System – Papillon
Chapter  24  Nervous System – Senator Kennedy and the Brain
Chapter  25  Neuromuscular- Botox
Chapter  26  Senses – Hearing Loss
Chapter  27  Senses – Detached Retina
Chapter  28  Senses – Ben Franklin’s Bifocals
Chapter  29  Senses – Chocolate and Taste
Chapter  30  Senses – Chateau Lafite and Olfaction
Chapter  31  Neuromuscular - Myasthenia Gravis
Chapter  32  Muscular – Rigor Mortis
Chapter  33  Skeletal System – Osteoporosis
Chapter  34  Skeletal System – Articulation of the Knee Joint
Chapter  35  Endocrine System – Jackie Robinson and Diabetes
Chapter  36  Immune System- HIV
Chapter  37  Reproductive System - STDs
Chapter  38  Reproductive System - Female
Chapter  39  Reproductive System – Male
Chapter  40  Human Genetics – Fragile X
Chapter  41  Development- Prenatal Care
Chapter  42  Natural Selection
Chapter  43  Scientific Evidence and Thinking
Chapter  44  Contingent Probabilities
Chapter  45  Write Your Own Case

Stanton Braude-Washington University in St. Louis and The International Center for Tropical Ecology

Stanton Braude is on the faculty of the University of Missouri in St. Louis and Washington University.  He is author of over 30 scientific articles and reviews in four languages.  He has been teaching college biology for the past 20 years and has been teaching Anatomy and Physiology for nursing students since 1992.  He was recognized as the Outstanding College Biology Teacher of the Year by the National Association of Biology Teachers in 2004.

Additional Titles by this Author

Deena Goran-John Burroughs School and the University College of Washington University

Deena Goran is on the faculty of the John Burroughs School and the University College of Washington University.  She has taught in the Physical Therapy Program at Washington University School of medicine for three years and has been teaching 7th-12th grade biology for the past 11 years.  She also currently teaches Human Anatomy and Physiology at Washington University in University College.

Alexander Miceli

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ISBN-13: 9781449604998

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