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Navigate 2 Scenario for Health Care Human Resources

Author(s): Jones & Bartlett Learning
  • ISBN-13: 9781284430264
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Developed in conjunction with Toolwire Studios, this collection of four interactive video case studies provides students with a realistic, immersive learning experience that reinforces lessons gathered from a collection of best-selling Jones & Bartlett Learning Health Care Human Resource Management textbooks.

Through immersive technology and instructional design, the Navigate 2 Scenario for Health Care Human Resources creates an environment in which the student assumes roles such as HIM department manager, Human Resource assistant, and manager of the Blood Bank/Immunology unit. The student will apply their knowledge of human resources to make decisions that directly impact hospital employees, such as how to address the threat of impending budget cuts, how to handle a potential discrimination issue, and how to develop a strategy to increase staff morale.

In each episode, the student will progress through a series of different settings and character interactions that will teach them about key concepts in Health Care Human Resources. The student will analyze information, make decisions, and see the impact of their participation in real time.

At the end of the episode, students will have the opportunity to assess their knowledge with a multiple-choice quiz that reports directly to their instructor’s Navigate 2 gradebook.

Episode 1: Overview: More Help Needed Now!

Serving as the manager of a hospital’s health information department, the student guides a team that is struggling with a backlog of work and budgetary pressures.

Episode 2: Understanding Employee Rights

Recently hired as a Human Resource Assistant at a small hospital, the student must solve a conflict involving ADA and racial discrimination compliance laws.

Episode 3: The Silent Group

In this episode, the student is the manager of a Blood Bank/Immunology unit and stages an intervention to boost employee morale.

Episode 4: The Repeat Offender

Building upon Episode 3, the student must develop a disciplinary plan to deal with an employee who has made multiple procedural mistakes.

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