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Navigate 2 Scenario for Health Policy

Author(s): Jones & Bartlett Learning
  • ISBN-13: 9781284321791
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  • Will Publish: 6/1/2018
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This collection of four interactive videos provides students with a realistic, immersive environment that reinforces lessons gathered from a collection of best-selling Jones & Bartlett Learning healthcare and health policy textbooks. Through immersive technology and instructional design these interactive scenarios create an environment in which the student takes on various roles within the Health Care legislation process to develop and implement health care policy.  The student will make decisions and see the impact of their participation in real time. The student will benefit from Navigate 2 Scenario features including: photorealistic virtual locations, video interactions, interactive documentation, checkpoint diagnostics, remediation, and natural assessment.

Each episode offers a natural assessment mapped to the specific learning outcomes from the courseware. This assessment is integrated naturally into the flow of the storyline. All student responses and submissions will be stored and compiled into a single Microsoft Word file. The file may be downloaded to the student’s desktop, allowing the student to submit to the instructor for grading.

The general storyline is the development of health care policy and the legislative process that moves a policy into a law and then its implementation. To support this general storyline, each episode creates an immersive world with photorealistic health care and Congressional settings, and supporting characters with whom the student will interact. The student will gain information from these characters, along with other resources, to analyze information and make critical decisions regarding policy development, implementation, and evaluation.

Episode1: Policy Analysis and Development
In this episode, the student is in a health care policy internship program in a Senator’s office in Washington, D.C.  The Senator wants to develop policy that requires all health care organizations that receive federal funds to implement the recommendations presented in the Institute of Medicine reports on quality care. The student must collect data, describe the problem, solutions and related ethical issues, examine the cost-benefit analysis, identify stakeholders (such as lobbyists from American Hospital Association, health care providers, health care corporations, pharmaceuticals, insurers, etc.), and impact.  Based on this information, the student will create a policy description that will be the foundation for a bill.

Episode 2: Going from Policy to Law
The student is an intern working with the Senator’s team to get the bill (based on the policy created in Scenario 1) passed. The student must follow the legislative process to select committees, identify stakeholders, communicate with health care providers about their role, and identify key departments who will be responsible if the bill is passed.

Episode 3: Implementing Policy in the Health Care Delivery System 
In this episode, the student is the Director of Quality Improvement for a Health Care System. The student’s team is in the process of establishing policies and procedures to ensure health law compliance. The student must work with team members to create policies and procedures that address the requirements, determine who the changes impact the most, and work with those people to develop a comprehensive communication strategy.

Episode 4: Evaluating a Health Care Policy
In this episode, the student is responsible for examining the DHHS’ evaluation of the policy and how it may impact the Health Care System. The student will then work with a team to determine the best way to monitor the implementation of policy within the Health Care System and report it to the DHHS.

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