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Dimensional Analysis for Meds, Fifth Edition Includes Navigate 2 Premier Access
Refocusing on Essential Metric Calculations

Author(s): Anna M. Curren, RN, BN, MA, Former Associate Professor of Nursing, Long Beach Community College, Long Beach, California
  • ISBN-13: 9781284172911
  • Navigate 2 Premier Access     350 pages      © 2020
  • Will Publish: 3/1/2019
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Dimensional Analysis for Meds: Refocusing on Essential Metric CalculationsFifth Edition is written by the leading calculations author, whose texts have educated over a million nursing students to date. The hallmark of this text is that it focuses on dimensional analysis, the simplest and most accurate dosage calculation method in use.  In addition, this text is an essential resource for realistic scenarios and examples for students to learn from.
The overarching focus of the Fifth Edition is on the metric system, as 98% of all clinical calculations require use of this system. It is crucial that students have a firm understanding of this concept and can perform metric system calculations before they move into clinical practice. The text has been completely updated to feature the most relevant and real-world content as well as to reflect ‘the way it really is’ in dosage calculations. The author also emphasizes the importance of knowing what do in the event of a calculation error in case one occurs in practice.
Key Features:
Multiple step calculations are reduced to a single equation to eliminate confusion
Focuses exclusively on dimensional analysis, rather than trying to cover all three methods
Unnecessary and outdated content has been eliminated
Content is organized from simple to complex concepts
Section  1  The Metric System and Additional Drug Measures
  Chapter  1  The Metric/SI System
  Chapter  2  Additional Drug Measures: Units, Percentage, Milliequivalent, Ratio and Household
Section  II  Refresher Math
  Chapter  3  Basic Common Fraction Math
  Chapter  4  Solving for X in Common Fraction Equations
Section  III  Safe Medication Administration and Introduction to Clinical Calculations
  Chapter  5  Safe Medication Administration
  Chapter  6  Oral Medication Label Dosage Calculation
  Chapter  7  Hypodermic Syringe Management
  Chapter  8  Parenteral Medication Label Dosage Calculation
  Chapter  9  Measuring Insulin Dosages
  Chapter  10  Reconstitution of Powdered Drugs
Section  IV  Dimensional Analysis in Clinical Calculations
  Chapter  11  Introduction to Dimensional Analysis
Section  V  Intravenous Calculations
  Chapter  12  Introduction to IV Therapy
  Chapter  13  IV Flow Rate Calculations
  Chapter  14  IV Infusion and Completion Time Calculations
  Chapter  15  IV Medication and Titration Calculations
  Chapter  16  Heparin Infusion Calculations
Section  VI  Dosage Based on Body Weight and Body Surface Area
  Chapter  17  Dosage Based on Weight
  Chapter  18  Dosage Based on Body Surface Area (BSA)
Section  VII  Pediatric Medication Considerations
  Chapter  19  Pediatric Oral and Parenteral Medications
  Chapter  20  Pediatric IV Medications

Anna M. Curren, RN, BN, MA-Former Associate Professor of Nursing, Long Beach Community College, Long Beach, California

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