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Applied Law & Ethics for Health Professionals, Second Edition

Author(s): Carla Caldwell Stanford, PhD
Valerie J. Connor, MA, CCC-SLP, Professor, St. Joseph's College of Maine
  • ISBN-13: 9781284155594
  • Paperback    250 pages      © 2020
  • Will Publish: 1/3/2019
Price: $77.95 US List
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On a daily basis, healthcare professionals are faced with many ethical situations along with legal implications. Applied Law and Ethics for Health Professionals, Second Edition tackles ethical situations and the potential legal impacts that many healthcare professionals may face in their careers and asks them to consider their own personal values system and use reasoning skills to come to an informed outcome.  Modern cases and topics are discussed, offering real-world ethical and legal accounts that may impact professionals in the field. As the text concludes, readers are again asked to gauge their growth, exploring their newly formed knowledge, values, and opinions on healthcare ethics.

Features & Benefits

  • NEWTrivia Quest boxes have been added to every chapter and feature interesting facts to further student’s knowledge
  • NEW & UPDATEDCase Study and Case in Point boxes have been added and updated throughout, including Case in Point: Courts Uphold Vaccination Requirements in Chapter 3
  • UPDATED – Content throughout the text has been updated to include modern ethics situations, including gender identity and the LGBTQ community, ransomware and medical identity theft, medical marijuana, updates related to the Title II of the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008, and more.
  • STUDENT FAVORITE For Your Consideration boxes provide readers with an opportunity for reflective thinking and enhanced classroom discussion.
Chapter  1  An Overview of Ethics
Chapter  2  Top Priority: The Patient
Chapter  3  Vulnerable Populations
Chapter  4  Confidentiality
Chapter  5  Ethics and the Workplace
Chapter  6  Accountability: The Medical Record
Chapter  7  Liability and Health Care: Legal Aspects of Health Care
Chapter  8  Life and Death Issues
Chapter  9  Controversial Issues in Health Care

Carla Caldwell Stanford, PhD

Carla Caldwell Stanford holds two masters’ degrees and a PhD. Now retired, she taught a medical law and bioethics course at the undergraduate college level for eight years and developed course curricula on this topic. The motivating factor for writing this textbook, for Stanford, was to simplify ethics and laws concerning the health care professional in ways that would be both appealing and easily understood by the student.

Additional Titles by this Author

Valerie J. Connor, MA, CCC-SLP-Professor, St. Joseph's College of Maine

Valerie J. Connor has earned a Master of Arts in Speech Pathology and a Master of Science in Health Education. She has practiced in school and long-term health care settings. Currently, she teaches at both the undergraduate and graduate level with a focus on the legal and ethical aspects of health care. She hopes that students will have a better understanding of the laws and ethical issues surrounding health care after reading this text.

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ISBN-13: 9781284155594

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