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Adaptive Health Management Information Systems
Concepts, Cases, and Practical Applications

Author(s): Joseph Tan, PhD, Professor, Department of Business, Wayne State University School of Business Administration
  • ISBN-13: 9781284153897
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  • Will Publish: 9/3/2019
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Joseph Tan, PhD-Professor, Department of Business, Wayne State University School of Business Administration

Dr. Joseph Tan is Professor of Business IS/IT and Healthcare Informatics at the Wayne State University School of Business Administration in Detroit, Michigan. He has served as Chair of the Information Systems & Manufacturing Department of Wayne State University, as well as Acting Director for MHA program at the Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia.

His last 20-year academic experience includes full-time employment in academia; private and non-profit sector organizations as well as consulting and engaging in executive program development activities catering to executives and foreign delegation. He served as consultant to Ontario Council of Graduate Studies, as well as a research fellow and advisor to various professional research institutes, non-profit and for-profit organizations.

He is the Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Healthcare Information Systems & Informatics (IJHISI. His work is widely cited and he has over 100 academic publications, including a 4-volume encyclopedia and numerous research monographs and teaching textbooks. He has taken leadership in team-based research, curriculum and program development and accreditation, peer-reviewed journal publications and book reviews, online education and programming, planning and organization of symposiums and conferences, development of book series, special issue journals and federal grant proposals.

Dr. Tan has been asked to do keynote speeches at doctoral seminar and conferences and has been invited to conduct research seminars and/or make appearances at numerous major universities around the world. Dr. Tan has achieved recognized scholarship in teaching and learning with students’ nominations for teaching excellence awards and networks widely with key decision and policy makers as well as academic scholars and practitioners at local, provincial/state, national and international levels, including private, public and non-governmental organizations and universities.